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We Can't Stop Laughing At This Super Awkward Pic Of Taylor Swift And Marilyn Manson

Wango Tango 2019 was truly wild. To give you the low down, it was pre much just a huge Taylor Swift party mixed with a massive pride bash. So obviously— it was the most important musical event that has ever happened.

Taylor Swift looked so beyond beautiful all decked out in rainbow colors giving the crowd the performance of a lifetime.

Someone pls take me to a T-Swift concert ASAP, thanks.

However, everyone knows the *real* party happens at the AFTER PARTY, AMIRITE LADIES?

Normally what happens at the after party stays at the after party, but not this time, sweet children. Not this time.

This time we have photographic evidence of the most confusing interaction to ever been seen by the naked eye.

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Is the world ready for this insane pic of Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson?? Prolly not but let's pop off ANYWAY.

Okay but WHAT is going through her mind rn? WHAT IS SHE THINKING?

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Is she okay? Is she safe? Is she happy?

Did Marilyn Manson ask T-Swift personally for this pic? Is he a huge fan? A SWIFTY PERHAPS???

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I wonder he thought of her Reputation era.

This is just... too REAL for me rn.

Literally it's like if Barbie and a chunk of coal got together to hangout.

Interesting that this meme is screaming at me and my formerly emo teenage self.

Is there a collab in the works???

I guess I just have questions.

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And they'll probably never be answered so I'll just excuse myself now, bye.