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13+ Cool Ideas That Should Be Everywhere By Now

I find it very fascinating when I stumble upon an original and cool design that's been implemented in public places all over the world.

These genius designs are changing the way we view architecture and functionality all in itself. Check out these awesome ideas and let me know what you think.

1. Sit On It

Reddit | hcherie92

How cool is it that this library came up with an awesome and super useful idea to use discarded and damaged books to make these stools? Love this!

2. Solar-Powered Umbrellas

Reddit | frohat

Wow, this college campus installed these amazing solar-powered umbrellas so their students can also charge all their devices. That is so forward thinking.

3. Tent Playground

Reddit | josssskidding

Speaking of clever uses of umbrellas, this playground has a tent set up around it so no matter what the weather is, kids can still play.

4. Bench Umbrella

Reddit | dope_out

The park in this city has built-in umbrellas over each bench so you can still enjoy the outdoors even if it's raining a bit. This is awesome.

5. A 747 Stay

Reddit | EntirelyForgettable

This incredible hostel at Arlanda airport in Sweden is actually a converted Boeing 747. Say what? Isn't that just the coolest thing ever? Wowza!

6. Workout Charging Station

Reddit | tinypocketgiraffe

This airport came up with a unique way for you to charge your devices by pedaling. And you get a workout while you wait. Thumbs up!

7. Bathroom Lighting

Reddit | katewhiteshark

You know an airport is busy when they install lights to indicate whether the stall is occupied or not. This was seen in the Atlanta airport bathroom and should be in all public bathrooms!

8. Wall Of Seats

Reddit | Naco88

This university library has designed a special wall where you can just pull out a seat as you need it. This is so cool and convenient.

9. Read A Book

Reddit | /yipidee

These uniquely shaped mushroom structures are actually located in a park and contain a bunch of kids' book so kids can enjoy reading in the park.

10. Call Me

Reddit | TCMercury

The Sendai airport has a phone on either side of security so you can talk to people in departures. Wow, that's so convenient and thoughtful.

11. Phone Booth

Reddit | MrCrash2U

Speaking of calls, this library has a special vault you can use to make and receive calls so you're not disturbing anyone else in the library.

12. School Slide

Reddit | bazman1976

This school has a slide directly attached to the classroom so kids can slide down to the playground. This is literally a childhood dream. Amazeballs.

13. Noise Meter


This wicked library has noise-level guides that change color when it gets too loud. Whoever came up with this idea is absolutely genius. Don't you think?

14. Randomized Number Pad

Reddit | celebi1023

When your phone, door entry system, or anything else uses the same number pad to unlock, you can start to tell what the code is just by looking at where the fingerprints and smudges are. This number pad randomizes where the numbers are every day so you can't learn the code just by watching or looking.

15. Room For Everyone

Reddit | cotthum

This picnic table has extra space available so a wheelchair user can sit at the table just like their able-bodied companions.

16. Shopping Code

Reddit | Hollyontravel

Sometimes you need help when you're shopping. Other times you just do not want to talk to anyone and just zone out while browsing. This store lets you communicate this to the store workers without being rude.

17. Multi-Purpose Bowls

Reddit | Killerwart

This dual-purpose cake stand/chip & dip bowl combo is the perfect clever way to reduce dishes and save space in your kitchen. And these are two dishes that you're not likely to need at the same time. Genius!

18. Nail Testers

Reddit | miss__c

These nail polish displays have tester nails you can place over your own to see what the color would look like on you. No more wasting tester bottle polish and making a mess of your nails and the store display (or just playing a guessing game)!

19. Water Bottle With A Quest

Reddit | Nathan_Dupre

This school gave out water bottles that not only had a map of the campus marked on the bottle, but also a map with all the places you can refill the water bottle. What more do you need?

20. Visually Represented

Reddit | Kil1m3pl3s3

A menu that shows you what your steak will look like at the different levels of cooked is a great way to ensure your guests aren't surprised, and that they know what they're getting. As a picky eater, I definitely appreciate this one.

21. Get In The Cone

Reddit | MrCrash2U

A library has installed this "cone of silence," which is a sound proof tube that's perfect for taking or making phone calls. No more forcing everyone around you to listen to you describe exactly what you need at the grocery store.

22. A Library On The Go

Reddit | YamhillScrub

A mini-library was installed right into a subway car in Seoul, South Korea so that commuters on long journeys can grab something to read! An excellent way to pass the time, expand your mind, and not rack up a huge data bill playing Words with Friends.

Are you blown away by all these amazing, super clever and very useful designs?

I sure am. I think they should be implemented more often. I'm totally for that.

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