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16-Foot-Tall Farting Trump Robot On Golden Toilet Appears In London

On the second day of Trumpmas my true love gave to me...

A giant farting trump robot on a golden toilet!

My true love being the British, who have quite honestly been pulling some power moves throughout this 3-day Presidential UK tour.

This trip has been absolutely wild and Mr. President is, of course, handling it very professionally.

Using his favorite nasty-oriented vocabulary, he has been tweeting about his less-than-warm British welcome and calling out the Major of London for not trying harder to stop these public shows of "affection".

The most recent trump decoration to hit London's central area is aptly named "Dump Trump."

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Dump Trump tweets from his golden toilet seat and shouts "you're fake news!" at anyone who passes by.

Oh, and the robot does stuff too.

It farts and shouts a variety of catch phrases.

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These phrases include "No collusion", and "I'm a very stable genius" using real audio of Trump's voice.

The creator of the robot is Don Lessem, who traveled from Philadelphia just to bring it to Trafalgar Square.

"Well he's a disgrace," he explained, "I want people to realize that this doesn't represent America. Humor is my weapon. He's a would-be dictator."

The robot arrives on the heals of the giant John McCain hat and the projection of Trump's disapproval ratings.


The USS John McCain hat was projected onto the roof of Madame Tussaud’s, and the graphic of Trump's UK disapproval ratings vs. Obama's could be seen on the Tower of London yesterday.

London, England is really flexing.

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As we emerge into day 3 of the visit, we're all eagerly awaiting news of additional push back from the British public. Who knows what's in store in the finale!

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