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Ali Wong Has A Sneaky Glasses Trick And It's Actually Kind Of Genius

Y'all ready to have your minds blown?

Ali Wong is currently taking the world by storm. She's an incredibly talented comedian, and a fantastic actress.

She's also lowkey become a fashion icon, and that's all thanks to her glasses. But how does she find such amazing frames?

If you've seen Ali's standup on Netflix, you know how funny she is.


In both her Netflix specials, she rocks printed dresses, flats, and a pair of red-rimmed glasses.

Oh, and a baby bump. Wong was pregnant with her children when she recorded both Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife.

Her glasses become synonymous with her "look."

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Much like those printed dresses and no-nonsense shoes, Wong's standout glasses came to define her look as a celebrity.

She's since debuted other versions of them, but they also usually follow the same formula: cat eye, and thick rims.

There's this incredible black and gold pair:

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If you're asking yourself, 'Is she about to take me on a tour of all of Ali Wong's glasses from her Instagram?', the answer is yes, and you're welcome.

Also, I super want these glasses.

There's the pair she favors the most:

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True to form, this tortoise-shell patterned pair checks the usual boxes: cat eye, thick rims, and a mix of plastic and metal.

She really models them well in this picture. We stan.

There's this white pair:

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Oh hello, addition to my new "Ali Wong Glasses Color Spectrum." Introducing: white!

This pair is a more subtle cat eye, but trust and believe that it's still there. The dots on the side give me Warby Parker glasses vibes, tbh.

There's this pattern-breaking pair:

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Hello! I just established a pattern, and now Ali has broken it.

This aviator pair is certainly unsual, right? Almost like they were never meant to be glasses at all, but instead, perhaps, a pair of sunglasses...

There's these dope af clear ones:

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I want these ones, too, in case anyone is keeping track. Also hi, Tiffany Hadish!

Cat eye? Check. Big 'ol plastic frames? Check. Facial expression that I'm currently trying to recreate while typing? Check.

Queen of eyewear

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Now that you know how she does it, doesn't it seem totally obvious?

I love that she has her own unique style, but explores a huge range of frames inside of it.

These DEFINITELY used to be sunglasses

It never even occurred to me that patterns could be a style option for my face.

Patterns! Guys, we could have glasses with palms, or polka dots, or art deco gold patterns.

Oh, yeah, by the way: that's her trick.

Instagram | @aliwong

The secret to Ali Wong's optical success lies in what basically amounts to a life hack: she wears sunglasses as glasses.

Fans discovered that Ali's iconic red glasses are the Barton Perreira Valerie from their 2013 collection, originally sold as sunglasses, but she had them turned into prescription glasses.

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Which is pretty genious if you're always on the hunt for funky, stylish frames.

Clearly sunglasses are the easiest route if you're looking for that type of style.

This pair of beige-y cat eye frames is narrow than her normal look, but totally chic.

These glasses are everything.

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I told y'all this was going to be a tour of her glasses.

It's also an inspiration tour. Now that we know that the whole wide world of frames is open to us, what can't we do with glasses?

Come through, grandpa glasses!

I call them grandpa glasses on account of my grandpa's glasses literally looking exactly like these.

You can absolutely see that these were once sunglasses.

I love that she chooses wider frames for her glasses, because that's what I'm always looking for in a pair!

Instagram | @aliwong

They're pretty universally flattering on any face shape and elevate any outfit.

Simple, black cat eye glasses never go out of style.

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It's such a classic, throwback look. This black pair strong evokes her iconic red ones the most, I think.

They're the same style, while still being updated for her changing tastes.

And while Ali does use sunglasses frames for her normal prescription glasses, she also does have a few actual pairs of sunglasses that she sports.

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Welp, consider this another life hack added to my list of life hacks I need to actually try out.

Thank you for going on this glasses journey with me.

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And if you already knew this trick...well, thanks for sharing with the class. I feel super included right now.

Anyway, please enjoy this picture of Ali Wong with the most handsome man alive, Daniel Dae Kim.

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No, I will not be taking alternate suggestions. Yes, I am 100% correct in my opinion. Thank you.