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9+ Times The Kardashians Were Dragged For Promoting Dangerous Products On Instagram

In the age of Instagram, ad dollars are king.

So it's no wonder that big-time celebrities and influencers jump at the chance to promote any product that comes their way—after all, who doesn't want that influencer coin?

However, the Kardashians haven't been the best at vetting who they're advertising for. And that has gotten them in some hot water, fam.

Kylie and Teami

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There's nothing fans hate more than when the Kardashians advertise "diet teas".

Teami promises that their tea "detoxes" you, but the comments all disagree.

@behjatkam said: "The purpose behind these “detoxifying teas” is money, and do NOT improve your health in anyway. Don’t underestimate your liver!"

Khloé and Flat Tummy Tea

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Can you tell the Kardashians like their "detox" teas?

Khloé put up this ad for Flat Tummy Tea, and her fans were quick to roast her.

@alea_nicoleee said: "If you actually drink it I think this pic would be of you on the toilet"

I am deceased.

Kris and Flat Tummy Tea

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Kris got in on the Flat Tummy Tea thing, and fans got in dragging her for it.

@nadindreams_ went respectfully in on behalf of young girls: "Stop spreading a message that endangers their physical and mental health to profit from it. Stop the lies and Stop playing with their confidence. They deserve better than that."

Kylie and SugarBearHair

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Kylie did a sponsored post for SugarBearHair, which is a hair and nail multivitamin in gummy form.

The only problem with Kylie advertising a hair vitamin? Well, according to @that70ssunflower (and many others): "except u wear wigs and a gummy bear isn't gonna make your hair grow xD"

Poins were made.

Kris and 310 Nutrition

Instagram | @krisjenner

More weight loss products! Kris did a post for 310 Nutrition's 310 Shake, which she says is a "junk food replacement."

@michaelhardingceo kinda hit the nail on the head: "Hahaha! Trying to sell something much? Anything for a dollar."

Kris and HiSmile

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Kris couldn't be left off of the HiSmile train!

Her comments are full of very similar sentiments to Khloé's. Some focus on how Kris chose to shoot the video, however.

What's cringey about her taking a fake phone call from Kim to say she'll be delayed while she whitens her teeth? Oh, everything. Got it.

Khloé and HiSmile

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Fans went in on Khloé when she posted this Instagram ad promoting HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.

According to many commenters, veneers don't need whitening—and many suspect that Khlo-money does indeed have them.

Plus, our intrepid Diply team discovered that Khloé had already attributed her white teeth to a special toothbrush.

So, what's the truth?

Kim and SugarBearHair

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Yup, SugarBearHair got around to Kim, as well.

She promoted their women's multivitamin, as well as their hair vitamins. Her fans were not into it at all.

@amylwilcox had some shade to throw: "[...] wait.. hair vitamins work on extensions? I need to get me some."

Kim and Flat Tummy Tea

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Kim, did you really think we were going to believe we could lose weight by eating candy?

Kim came under fire after she promoted appetite suppressant lollipops on Instagram. If you spend any time on Instagram, I bet you'll be unsurprised to learn that the brand behind them is Flat Tummy Tea.

Everyone and Yeezy

Instagram | @kourtneykardashian

Fans had some things to say after Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé posted this picture of them in Yeezy "church merch."

@ereshaah_s said: "These are thee most terrible clothing I’ve ever seen! Where is the art behind this? Ya’ll are part of some crazy [expletive] cult [expletive]! Not even the HOLY SPIRIT would wanna wear this."

Kim and Flat Tummy Tea (Again)

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Users went in on Kim for promoting the "detox tea," and they brought receipts.

@mizzcrites wrote: The side effects are cramping, diarrhea, stomach pains and dehydration and it can impact contraception users. Eat fruit and veg to fill up and feel good kids. It’s cheaper and safer than a non FDA approved powder over the internet."

Kourtney and Poosh

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In an Instagram post, Kourtney talked about drinking collagen every morning. So of course she included collagen in her new diet supplements!

Fans dragged her to hell and back for this one, including Zein up there.

As @ktbullard pointed out: [...] your body has absolutely no way to transport collagen across intestinal epithelial cells to your skin or other body parts [...]"

We love facts!

Kris and SugarBearHair

Instagram | @krisjenner

Kylie wasn't the only one to get some coin from SugarBearHair. Kris posted a promo for them, and people basically all said the same thing.

Here's @bethdale summing it up: "How much money do you need?"

Khloé and Flat Tummy Tea (Again)

Instagram | @khloekardashian

The FTT posts never stop coming, do they?

Fans popped off in the comments after Khloé posted that she drinks the Flat Tummy Tea shakes as meal replacements.

@skskskksskksksksk had the most succinct response: "Why don’t you just eat food?"

Well...that's a damn good question!

Khloé and Flat Tummy Tea Part 3 (Rhyming!)

Instagram | @khloekardashian

So, I think the moral of this story is that fans and followers of the Kardashians hate how much the family promotes Flat Tummy Tea.

For more information on why it may not work the way it's advertised, check out this article.