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This Woman Wants A Female Joker And Of Course Men Freaking Hate It

Fun fact: there's actually already a female joker, so if men are really upset about this, then they should read the comic books!

But it would be amazing to see a female Joker in the movies!

We do know that a 'Batman' movie is on the way.

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Robert Pattinson has been announced as the new Batman!

But now, they must cast his friends and enemies...

The biggest casting after Batman will definitely be The Joker.


There have been quite a few Jokers in the past, some good and some terrible.

The next Joker would definitely have some big shoes to fill.

Easily, the best Joker of our time was Heath Ledger.


He won an Oscar for the role for a reason!

His performance shook us all to our cores.

A woman on Twitter suggested that the next Joker should be a woman!

Personally, I think that would be amazing to see.

It would definitely bring a new layer of complexity to the role!

Obviously, the suggestion itself is going to divide some people.

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On one side: men. On the other: women.

Die-hard comic book fans don't like it when their characters are changed. But sometimes, it's for the better.

People were already coming up with their own fancasts!

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Between Halsey and Elisabeth Moss, there is no shortage of women who would play the part wonderfully.

But of course, the poor woman got attacked on Twitter.

Men flooded her mentions and tore her to pieces.

However, she didn't seem to let it get to her!

We do have another Joker that is coming to our screens.


People are very excited about it, but do we really need another male Joker?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!