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Kim Kardashian Roasts Kylie Jenner About That Cringey Face Washing Video

Kylie Jenner and her skincare line have been all anyone in the beauty community can talk about. But truly, who could blame us? Never have a couple of bottles of face wash and toner caused such widespread hysteria!

If you don't live under a rock, you know Kylie Cosmetics took the beauty world by storm back in 2015.

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People were obsessed with Kylie's lip kits, and they did so well that the reality tv star just had to make more!

Kylie Cosmetics expanded to include a wide range of cosmetics products.

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Forget going to an actual beach! This is the only beach I care about, TBH.

This past May, Kylie decided to branch out into skincare for some reason.

But many people were here for it and very excited for it to launch.

Obviously Kylie threw a massive launch party for the skincare line.

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Fitting the branding of her packaging, the whole party was a giant pink paradise fiesta.

No, like e v e r y t h i n g was entirely pink.

There were pink roller skates, pink sushi, ramen noodles in pink takeout containers, pink chopsticks, pink people.

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All of her guests were required to dress in pink for the occasion, obviously.

This is how you do billionaire-worthy marketing, people!

Of course, it wouldn't be a true Kardashian-Jenner bash without the whole fam in attendance for support.

Is there ANYONE out there who will stage photos like this for me?!

Where is Kris as your momager when you need her!

There were also many popular YouTubers in attendance.

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Since Kylie's entry into the beauty world, she has made many YouTube beauty guru friends.

Mother of Draguns Nikita Dragun was also there, of course.

And after the whole controversy between James and Tati and people saying Kylie unfollowed James, the man himself was there.

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Well, this is awk. Looks like they really are friends, after all!

You know who else was there for the clout?

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Why was he there lol!

I know they've hung out in David's own YouTube videos, but still.

Anyways, the party looked hella fun and I can't lie and say I didn't shed a few jealosy tears on my pillow while I was watching the whole bash play out on The Gram.

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Yes, thank you for your sympathy.

However, after all the immediate fun died down, not everyone was immediately on the bandwagon and of course had to hate on it before they even tried it.

Kylie's skincare line has been controversial since before it was even launched.

In particular, one of the products caused a public stir.

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The walnut face scrub being the most talked about product by far as everyone is convinced it's gonna DAMAGE UR SKIN FOREVER.

Anyway, the latest Kylie Skin controversy came from this insane video right here.

Kylie washes her face for like two seconds with her hair down and then towel dries her face only to reveal so much foundation still on her skin and the towel!

But it wasn't just fans who roasted Kylie. Her own family member trolled her!

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Because, quite honestly, this is what big sisters do and they do it best.

Never one to miss out on a good time, Kim somehow hacked into Kylie's Instagram account to make fun of her now infamous face washing video.

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"Okay guys, it's Kylie... just kidding. Thought you wouldn't recognize me. It's Kim with my big lips," Kim joked.

"Thought I could pull it off as being Kylie"

"Let me just say something, I hijacked her phone."

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Kim then shows us around the Kylie Skin showroom, and lemme just say it's aesthetic A.F.

She then started making fun of the 10 seconds Kylie took to film her skin tutorial.

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“I'm going to teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face and b*tches I only have ten seconds. What do you want me to do in ten seconds?"

Kim then switched to the "baby face" filter on Snapchat before proclaiming the face wash was "the fountain of youth" and that she didn't even need the full ten seconds!

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"I now look like a baby. I love this Kylie Skin!"

You then hear Kylie say "you're an a**hole!" before Kim picks up a pack of Kylie Skin makeup remover wipes and announces that's where her sister went wrong.

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"You know what the main point she left out was? She left out that you use these wipes first, before you get the foundation off!"

At this point, Kylie comes over laughing, telling Kim "give me my phone, you’re so mean!"

Watch this A+ content for yourself and give Kim a 10/10 for roasting her own baby sis so perfectly.

Fans, on the other hand, immediately called Kylie out for the heavily filtered video.

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They've just never seen so many errors in ONE skincare routine!

Has the gal never taken makeup off before in her life?

With a bank account and lavish lifestyle like hers, maybe she really has never taken her makeup off.

If I had the money to hire someone to take my makeup off at night I definitely would. It's truly the worst.

Even beauty guru Jeffree Star and YouTuber Shane Dawson dragged the skincare.

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Shane kept saying the face wash was burning and Jeffree did not give the skincare set a Jeffree Star approval.