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Projection Of John McCain Hat On Madame Tussaud’s Welcomes Trump To The UK

By now we have pretty concrete proof that the people of Britain are less than pleased with President's Trump and his impending visit to the UK to meet Queen Elizabeth ll.

This time, it's in the form of a giant USS John McCain hat projected onto the roof of Madame Tussaud's in London.

When Trump visited Japan on Memorial Day weekend, he allegedly ordered the US Navy to "Keep the USS John McCain out of site."

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This was likely because of the President's longstanding bad relationship with the late senator, though Trump has since denied giving such orders.

He apparently even ordered any sailors wearing identification related to the ship either take it off or be out of sight.


You know that part in Mean Girls where Regina George scribbles over any pictures of Cady because she's mad at her and doesn't want any reminders of her popping into her bubble of self-obsession? Just thought I'd bring up that scene. Might be relevant.

London decided to respond to Trump's dislike of McCain memorabilia by making sure it was seen by all.

Honestly, Britain is displaying some major chops here. They don't want their opinion of the American President to be misconstrued in any way, shape, or form.

At the same moment, Trump's disapproval ratings were projected onto the Tower of London.

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You know, just in case we didn't quite get the message clear enough.

Trump and his Administration have yet to comment on either projection, though something tells me that this won't be the last fiasco to come out of his UK trip.

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