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Trump’s Disapproval Ratings Are Currently Being Projected On The Tower Of London

President Trump has received less than a royal welcome upon arriving in the UK to meet with Queen Elizabeth ll at Buckingham Palace.

Sometimes it is difficult to see how the American political sphere affects the rest of the world. As it turns out, Britain wanted to give us a very concrete, easy-to-spot example.

Trump's UK visit has been swimming in a bit of controversy lately.


The president was interviewed by the British news outlet The Sun a few days ago, and when asked about his opinion on the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's past critique of him, he had some choice words to share.

"What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty."


Trump has since denied the fact that he called Markle nasty, despite the fact that the interview is on tape.

With Markle opting out meeting with Trump at Buckingham Palace, tensions for this UK trip are pretty high.

Currently, a photo of Trump's low UK approval rate compared to former President Obama's is being projected onto the Tower Of London.

This has no doubt been timed exactly for Trump's UK visit.

I guess it's kind of like when you don't like someone back, but they really aren't getting the hint, so you have to legitimately spell it out for them on a giant monument.

Brits have also turned the roof of Madame Tussaud's into a giant John McCain hat.

This show of allegiance comes in the wake of the US warship sailors being ordered to hide their USS John McCain hats because of Trump's personal dislike for the late sen

The numbers don't lie.

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When things aren't explicitly clear enough, we sometimes need them in big print, you feel me?

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