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Fans Are Livid After Miley Cyrus Was Groped While Walking With Liam Hemsworth

A video of a man groping and attempting to kiss Miley Cyrus while she was walking to her car with her husband, Liam Hemsworth in Barcelona has surfaced — and we. Are. Angry.

Before I tell the story, can we all just quickly come to the consensus that putting your paws on a stranger's body without their permission is not ok?

Let this be a friendly reminder to always respect other people's personal space.

You'd think this would just be common sense by now, but it's not.

What's scarier than the fact that Miley was assaulted in broad daylight surrounded by security and her husband, is that there are people who think she is to blame.

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Oh, the humanity.

Somebody actually had the audacity to blame Miley for the assault, pulling the "she was asking for it" card.

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This is deeply disturbing.


I think I've had enough internet for one day.

But fans were quick to step in and defend Miley — and every woman that has ever been through something similar, because this is profoundly common, unfortunately.

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It's 2019. Victim-shaming should no longer be a thing. Plz stop.

This fan kindly explained that what a person wears doesn't give anybody the right to touch them without permission.

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It's very disappointing that not everybody has learned this yet?

This fan chimed in, reinforcing that nobody "asks" for it.

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Women deserve the right over their own bodies — at the very least.

Is that too much to ask for?

Okay, here's what happened:

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A video recently came to light of Miley Cyrus being groped and nearly kissed without her consent while walking to her car in Barcelona — alongside her hubby, Liam Hemsworth, and their security.

The pair were forced to walk through an extremely high-traffic area packed with fans, who would clearly stop at nothing to get close to them.

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Although they had their security guards tagging along, they were unable to stop one crazed fan from doing something vastly out of order.

The video has been making its rounds on Twitter.

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The footage shows the pair walking to their car, when Miley is forced to take a step behind Liam.

That's when the man makes his move — grabbing Miley by her hair and body, trying to kiss her.

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The guards finally realize what's going on, and separate the two of them.

Liam then clues into what's happening and puts his arm around Miley, guiding her into the car.

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This type of behavior is literally never okay.

I am shook for Miley rn.

As of right now, neither Miley or Liam have commented on the matter.

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She has been busy promoting her new EP "She Is Coming" — which is a freaking masterpiece BTW.

Go listen to it when you're done reading this.

Anyway, fans are not letting this slide.

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Everybody is up in arms that there are people out there who would do something like this in the first place.

Miley should be able to walk to her car without worrying that some man is going to sneak up and try to kiss her.

A number of fans were blaming Liam for not walking behind her — implying that he could have protected her from the mystery man.

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But he was busy trying to clear a path for her to walk through, as this fan pointed out.

Let us know your thoughts on Miley's assault and the comments that followed.

Here's the video one more time so it can be cemented in your brain forever.

Get ready to cringe and loathe humanity more than ever.