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'Little People, Big World' Star Pens Emotional Post About Her Son Being 'Different'

Every mom knows that parenting has its challenges, but these challenges can be amplified when your child has a physical or emotional condition.

Tori Roloff, one of the stars of "Little People, Big World", just opened up about her son, Jackson, being treated differently than other kids because he has dwarfism.

Her honest and emotional post has people applauding her for revealing her struggles but staying positive in light of them.

You probably know the Roloff Family from their hit TLC show "Little People, Big World".

If you can believe it, the show is in its 19th season and Matt and Amy's kids have grown up and started their own families.

Zach, one of Matt and Amy's oldest children along with his twin brother, married his wife, Tori, in 2015.

Like his parents, Zach also has dwarfism. He and Tori were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the Roloff family farm.

And in 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Jackson.

Jackson was also born with dwarfism, and while Tori and Zach knew his life would be more challenging because of his condition, they were ready to be supportive of him, no matter what.

Zach and Tori also recently announced that Jackson will soon be a big brother.

The couple's second child, a girl, will be born in November. Congrats to the Roloff family!

Despite the family's flurry of good news, Tori recently took to Instagram to pen an emotional post about Jackson's condition.

"I often forget that my son is any different than yours. I forget that he has shorter legs, because he can get around and run just like any other 2 year old," she said in her post.

She then went on to explain that Jackson was denied from some carnival rides at a local fair because of his height and how hard it was for her.

"It was harder for me than it was for him for sure. It was really the first time I was hit in the face with the fact my child is different," she said.

Ultimately, even though the experience was difficult for Tori and her family, she's committed to keeping a positive attitude.

"I'm so proud of my husband and his outlook on it all and even more proud of my son who brushes things off with ease and I pray they both continue to do this," she said.

Since opening up about this painful experience, Tori's Instagram has been flooded with messages of support.

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Tori's mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, commented with a loving message. If anyone knows the challenges of raising a child with dwarfism, it's Amy.

Other fans also commended Tori for her positive outlook.

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Every mom has their challenges when it comes to raising their children, but raising a child with a physical condition can be emotionally draining. Tori is setting a great example for other moms out there with this inspiring post.