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16+ Photos Of School In The '70s That Prove How Much Things Have Changed

Ah, the 1970's. Back when I, uh, didn't exist.

We're coming up on half a century since the year 1970, which means that photographs from way back then are practically historic artifacts.

A lot of things have changed since the '70s, but it looks like high school has changed a lot. Though some school experiences are inherently universal, others have become a distant memory. It's wild to get a glimpse at the world our parents inhabited when they were teenagers.

Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me

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What's more romantic than an arm wrestling competition at the chalk board? Literally nothing. Let's fight about it.

American Pie

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We tried to recreate those edgy vintage Breakfast Club-esque court yard pics while we were in school, but nothing beats shots from the era itself.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Okay but, '90s kids totally recognize that wall-sized chart paper. Some things never change.

Bennie And The Jets

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I feel as though this trio was forced to pose for this photograph right in the middle of a passionate argument regarding their tumultuous love triangle status.

No David, you're sitting down. You never stand up for us anyway David.

Show and Tell

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Apparently microscopes were bigger than traffic poles back in the day. My science lab sessions were much more dissection oriented.

You're So Vain

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Though fashion was different, the classic in-between-classes-gossip-sesh was very much a predecessor to the ones high school kids have now.

How did they survive with lockers that small?

Play That Funky Music

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Even though the '70s seems so far in the past, this photo shows how similar music class was to our own.

You could catch me at the back, mouthing the words and pretending like I am contributing to the choir just to be able to go on the class trip.

Go Away Little Girl

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1970s Mean Girls anyone? I don't know about you, but I'd buy tickets to see that remake.

Go Your Own Way

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Wow, I seriously wish I hung around these fashion-forward folks in school. They definitely look like the popular kids, strutting the halls with confidence and also maybe snatching a sandwich our of your hand and eating it without permission.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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To be honest, this photo could seriously pass as a modern day one.

People wear either vintage or vintage-style clothing and use filters on all their photos to achieve a look like this, anyways.

Dancing Queen

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If the haircut wasn't such a dead giveaway, this picture could've been taken in 2019, as vintage band tees are very much still in style.

Rich Girl

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Fashion in the '70s isn't ridiculously different to fashion now, as a lot of the '70s, '80s, and '90s trends are coming back into style.

Though this wonderfully odd clashing of greens may be seen as either innovative or outrageous nowadays, it fit right in at 1970s high school.

Me And Mrs. Jones

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By now you may be like, "these are weird headings." If you're like me, born in the '90s and need a little help with this one, each title is a song from the '70s Billboard Top 100 Charts. How groovy! (Did they say that in the '70s???)

I Write The Songs

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This is a wonderfully immersive snapshot of the era. The clothes; the room; the typewriters; the hair; the fact that no one's doing an active shooter drill.

Funny how time works, huh?

Afternoon Delight

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Ah yes, the '70s youth in their natural habitat. Remember when we did our homework on paper instead of on classroom iPads?

Lean On Me

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The clothes in this photo are mind boggling to Millennials like us. The collars! The waistline heights! Horizontal stripes good lord!

Hooked On A Feeling

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Weird fabric stair couple pics were the Romeo & Juliet shots of the '70s. I don't make the rules.

Girls On Film

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Despite that trick of the eye, there isn't an Instagram filter on that photo. Digital wasn't a thing in the '70s, so that highly sought after vintage film look was the reality of any picture taken at the time.

Let's Stay Together

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Work that yellow and plaid combo. I can't guarantee that this specific fashion trend will be reappearing in stores anytime soon, but back then, it really showed off one's spunk.

New Kid In Town

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I take all those fashion comments back. I don't care whose mom's old wardrobe I have to raid, I want all of that.

Torn Between Two Lovers

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Another one of those "stop your love triangle argument and pose for an academic photograph" shots. The farthest girl isn't even attempting to hide it. Boy Bye!

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

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Typing essays and class notes on an electric typewriter was common practice from the '70s-'90s. Hopefully their teachers weren't talking at 150 mph like mine.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

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I bet any money that this girl's off writing human rights legislature for the UN or something nowadays. She had her eyes on the prize.