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Courteney Cox Looks Exactly Like Jared Leto After Using The Snapchat Filter And Fans Are Losing It

Snapchat filters are absolutely wild as of late. Everyone and their grandma (no, like I actually made me grandma do one) are trying out and are absolutely giddy about their results of the gender-swapping and baby filters.

Even KKW herself got in on the trend when she tried out the baby filter and it transformed the reality star into her own child, Chicago.

Recently, Friends star Courtney Cox had a hilarious result of her own.

In recent days, actor and musician Jared Leto posted this smoldering selfie after wrapping up his latest starring role in Marvel's 'Morbius.'

Because of course Jared Leto would play an edgy vampy superhero.

But I'm honestly very excited to see it.

Actor and friend Zach Braff noticed Jared looked like someone similar in the Instagram selfie.

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I suppose I can see what he's talking about here. And he's not wrong about how beautiful Courteney Cox is!

They both have long, luscious chestnut brown locks and icy blue eyes.

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They also have supreme bone structure in their faces and smoldering smizing gazes that absolutely captivate cameras.

Mama Tyra Banks would be so proud!

Well, how ironic Zach should say Jared Leto resembled Courteney Cox.

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Courteney Cox tried out the gender-swapping filter on Snapchat and the app just confirmed that her and Jared Leto are actually fraternal twins.

Forget those DNA testing kits! All you need is the Snapchat app.

This is absolutely b o n k e r s how much she looks like Jared Leto here.

You could put the app over all of her tv shows and movies and it would look like it was Jared in Friends all along!

Let's do a side-by-side really quick for optimal comparison.

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I am absolutely cackling internally right now because I don't want to frighten my coworkers.

The resemblance is truly uncanny!

Celebrities and plebs alike could not handle the similarity.

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Courteney's own bff and Friends costar was utterly flabbergasted at the doppelganger pic.

Of course, Zach had to weigh in on the comparison.

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The man said it here first, folks!

Does this mean that Zach thinks Courteney is more beautiful than real Jared Leto, or that this confirms how beautiful he thinks Jared Leto is?

Either way, he's not wrong about the two!