Trump Claims He ‘Never Called Meghan Markle Nasty’ Even Though It’s On Tape

In the age of social media, it's virtually impossible for someone in the public eye to make a comment and not have it spread like wildfire.

Things can get complicated when the internet provides what the kids call "receipts", meaning proof with the power to potentially make someone look bad. Some receipts, like text messages and tweets, can be easily doctored, and are therefore a little less reliable.

However, some receipts are just, um, literal truth.

We all know Meghan Markle.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

Our favorite on-screen paralegal turned real life royal didn't exactly shy away from sharing her political opinions before she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex.

In 2016, The Duchess pretty publicly critiqued Trump's election campaign.


In an interview with ABC News, Markle vocalized how dangeroous Trump's misogyny would be for the country, claiming that she would likely "move to Canada" if he was elected.

Ahead of President Trump's visit to Buckingham Palace, he was asked what he thought of Markle's past comments.


When a reporter from The Sun asked Trump if he had heard Markle's interview before, he responded: "I didn’t know that. What can I say? I didn’t know that she was nasty.".

A day later, Trump tweeted that he in fact did not call Markle nasty.

Others from the administration came to his defense, citing the fact that Trump did say nice things about Markle "doing a good job as princess" in the same interview.

However, we're not debating whether he said anything nice—we're debating whether or not he called Markle nasty.

And he did. The Sun interview was taped.

You can listen to the tape yourself. Trump very clearly calls Markle nasty at time mark 1:04 in the ABC News video we've provided.

h/t: Twitter