10+ Impressive Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About ‘Boy Meets World’

We're going to talk about what I can bet was one of your favorite TV shows. In fact, as I announced I was going to write this, my friend said: "Soof that was one of my favorite TV shows".

So there you go.

Anthony Tyler Quinn was almost Cory's Dad!


Or at least, he auditioned for the role. However, the producers thought he was way too young for the role.

They did make him the cool teacher, Mr. Turner, though.

Mr. Feeny And Dean Bolander.


William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett, the people who play Mr. Feeny And Dean Bolander, are in fact really married in real life, just like their characters on the show.

Rider Strong was close to quitting.


There we were, watching the fifth season.

We thought that all was gravy with the Boys Meets World cast, however, it was not. Actor Rider Strong wanted to go to college.



Show-runner Michael Jacobs worked out a schedule that worked for the young actor.

He would act on the show, and at the same time regularly attend his college courses.

Topanga crying.


We all remember the finale, where Topanga breaks into tears.

Apparently, she wasn't supposed to do that. However, when she realized the show was ending, she burst into tears.

Rider Strong nails it.


There were hundreds of kids looking to audition for the role of Shawn.

However, producer Michael Jacobs saw Rider Strong first, and let's just say it was his last audition of the day too.

Ben Savage and Rider Strong were on it.


They got to the point where they were so in tune, they felt like it was impossible to make a mistake.

Working together was apparently so totally and completely on point.

CNN interviewed Rider Strong...


And he said that:

"As actors, Ben and I really clicked, and it's that kind of connection that you so rarely find with an actor, with somebody else, this preternatural connection."

Rider Strong's Degree.


Remember how young Rider Strong went to college?

Well, he finished Columbia University with a degree in English and also received his MFA from Bennington College. That's one smart little guy!

Mr. Feeny begins and ends.


Did you know the story of Boy Meets World comes to a perfect beginning and finish?

Mr. Feeny starts the first episode talking to Cory, and he ends it talking to him as well.

The Cast's Favorite Episode.


Sure, we all have our faves. However, the cast of the show had one of their own.

Apparently, it was "And Then There Was Shawn". Jennifer-Love Hewitt made an appearance, and the cast laughed so hard during they could barely finish scenes.

Skipped Grades.


During the series run, they actually forgot to put in 8th grade and the 11th grade.

Those kids must've been real geniuses to be able to do that.

The other Shawn.


Cory was actually originally supposed to have two best friends.

The friend, who appeared in the first three episodes, just had trouble sticking. And so, he has booted off the show.

The Hair.


Apparently, Rider Strong hated the hair he had to wear during Boy Meets World.

I think I speak for a lot of young girls during the time who wholeheartedly disagree.

Rider Strong and Will Friedle were best friends.


And in fact, are to this day. During filming, their scenes were limited because they couldn't stop laughing when they said their lines.

Wouldn't you if your best friend was working with you?