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Heroic Man Saves 4-Month-Old Baby Trapped Alone Inside Hot Car For 12 Hours

The onset of summer means warmer weather, but this also unfortunately means we're coming into the season where we hear more and more stories about children who have been left alone inside hot cars.

It should be common sense not to leave anyone inside a parked car during the summertime, but there are still people who leave those who are most vulnerable and least able to escape - pets, children, and babies.

One Alabama man noticed a baby trapped inside a hot car and knew he had to take action.

NBC 15

According to Cafe Mom, Jermius Scott first noticed a black car parked in front of an apartment building five hours earlier, but didn't think much of it. That is, until he saw the car again at 9 am, stilled parked in the same spot, and noticed a baby was trapped inside.

Scott couldn't bear to leave the baby alone in this car with the windows rolled up as the morning heat steadily climbing.

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"I was going crazy just thinking it's a kid," he told NBC 15. "When I saw him cry it almost made me cry."

According to Scott, the baby's face was turning purple and he knew he needed to take immediate action.

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"Seeing the baby turning purple in that car, I couldn't just leave that baby in there like that, man," he told Fox 10. "That's dead wrong,"

Using his elbow, he smashed through one of the car windows and rescued the baby from inside the hot vehicle.

Upon examining the baby, Scott and his friend, Tarance James, knew it needed immediate medical attention.

NBC 15

"I see the baby turning purple. It was sweating, I looked at the scalp. It was dry and had dandruff,” James said. “So, when we got the baby out of the car and the back was wet, the pamper was wet, the baby wanted to cry but it couldn’t cry, I’m like oh man.”

Police say upon investigating the father, they learned the baby had been left alone inside the car for 12 hours.

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He told investigators he must have left the 4-month-old inside his car after dropping his other children off at their grandma's. He said he arrived home at 10 pm. The baby wasn't discovered inside the vehicle by Scott until around 9 am the following morning.

No arrests have been made as of yet, but police have allegedly classified the incident as a case of reckless endangerment.

The baby has been taken to the hospital to be treated.

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Scott doesn't want to focus on the unnamed father but rather pray for the baby's recovery.

"I don't know who it was and don't want to know because, you know, you're not supposed to hate nobody, but that's a hateful situation," he said. "So, I just pray the baby is all right and I hope nothing like that ever happens again."

h/t: Cafe Mom

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