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Katy Perry Explained Why She Didn't Photoshop Her Teeth In New Music Video

A few eagle-eyed fans noticed that until Katy's most recent music video, her teeth have always looked straight — and Katy is now explaining why her teeth were left untouched this time.

Katy Perry just released a colorful music video for her latest single "Never Really Over".

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The upbeat track, produced by Zedd, has been paired with a vibrant, nostalgic music video that fans can't stop staring at.

The whole video has a very '60s, nature, holistic vibe going on.

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Lyrically, the song doesn't actually have anything to do with the '60s or naturopathy.

Katy explained the meaning of the song in her press release, however.

“All of our relationships - from first love, through failed love, to great love - all become a part of you," she explained.

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"So that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light.”

So, that's what the song is all about.

I also must point out that she is serving looks in this video.

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I can honestly say I've never seen anybody pull off orange eyeshadow until now.

Overall, it's distinctly different from all of her other music videos.

YouTube | Katy Perry

If you're a Katy Perry fan, you know that all of her videos have very bold themes, and so does this one.

Anyway, a fan noticed that her teeth seemed more crooked than usual in this video.

Twitter | @Lilly_Jnes

And with a little bit of digging, they discovered that her teeth are noticeably straighter in her other music videos.

Here, for example, her bottom teeth are seemingly perfect.

YouTube | Katy Perry

Fans would have been none the wiser if not for the obvious difference of appearance in her most recent video.

As you can see, in this shot her bottom teeth have, well, more personality.

YouTube | Katy Perry

Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact, I'm glad she's going for a more natural look — it suits her.

This fan tweeted at Katy —calling her out for leaving her teeth unedited.

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They showed a side-by-side of Katy — showcasing her teeth edited and unedited.

But fans quickly rushed to her defence, praising her for rocking her imperfections.

Celebrities are only human — we've all got things we're insecure about.

Besides, crooked teeth add character.

I think I might just like her better with her teeth the way they are. Having perfectly straight teeth is boring.

Katy tweeted back, explaining that she left her teeth untouched because she is trying to learn to love herself without the help of editing.

A lesson that everyone could learn in this day and age when photo and video editing is at everybody's disposal.

Considering how rich Katy probably is, I'm guessing she could have had her teeth fixed a long time ago if she wanted to.

YouTube | Katy Perry

But we're glad she's embracing her authentic self instead.

Katy Perry has really been setting the ultimate example for her fans this year.

From dressing up like a hamburger at the Met Gala to confidently rocking her crooked teeth — she is earning some serious brownie points in my books.

You go Katy, slay on.

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Here's the music video for "Never Really Over". I highly recommend watching it.

You're welcome.

Let us know what you think of Katy's new au-naturale look?