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Cat's Constantly Angry Expression Makes Him Grumpy Cat's Perfect Successor

The recent death of Tardar Sauce, who the internet has known and celebrated for years as Grumpy Cat, left fans with the type of sadness that's difficult to explain and may have even surprised those who felt it.

But although promises of a new pet never feel satisfactory when someone is grieving their recently deceased one, it seems that the internet can not go without an avatar for its collective grumpiness for long.

And so, a cat with similarly ill-disposed facial expressions is on a fast track to capture hearts the world over.

Let's meet Louis, a six-year-old Persian cat that lives in Austin, Texas.

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Louis has a wealth of lush, white-and-orange fur that would likely send my allergies into hysterics, but also looks very soft to pet.

But of course, that's not why he's getting so much attention right now.

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As you've likely noticed, Louis happens to have a facial structure that makes him look perpetually angry.

Grumpy Cat looked like she was silently suffering fools, but Louis looks ready to fly into a violent rage at any moment.

And Louis' new fans are just as here for that energy as many of us were for Grumpy Cat's.

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After all, searing rage is probably a better description for a how a lot of us feel about life in the world right now than simple grumpiness.

After all, grumpiness doesn't fuel multi-page social media arguments.

However, in Louis' case, it's apparently pure coincidence that led his face to look so angry.

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As his owner, Michelle told Metro, "Louis is now referred to as the ‘new Grumpy Cat’, but he is actually very sweet, happy and playful."

Although there aren't many cats that can match how expressive he is, Louis does have a lot of interests in common with other cats.

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As Michelle said, "He loves to snuggle and give head rubs, he will chase lasers and play with toys."

Louis often squints his eyes, but fans are particularly enamored with them when they do see them.

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They call them his "big marble eyes" and some see Louis as the cat version of an old man. Presumably, a grumpy one.

Despite what some might expect, Louis' unusual resting face apparently isn't caused by any deformity.

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As Michelle explained, "Louis is a full breed Persian but people often ask if he has a genetic disorder because they think his facial features are an exception, but he is completely normal."

Even though he typically isn't, it's not as if Louis hasn't had reason to be angry.

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When Michelle brought her other cat named Monae home, she apparently spent two months bullying Louis and still occasionally tackles and picks at him. This is despite the fact that Louis was a full-grown cat at the time Monae was a kitten.

Michelle insists that Monae really loves him, though.

h/t: Metro