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This Cage-Like S'mores Maker Means Perfection Every Time

It's summer! I'll be the first to admit that camping is not my thing. Mostly because I wilt in the heat and have never found a bug repellant strong enough to keep mosquitos away from my apparently very tasty buffet.

But at least once each year I brave the bites just so that I can enjoy a freshly made s'more or three (or twelve).

As much as I enjoy s'mores-inspired treats, like the Frappuccino, nothing compares to the real thing.

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That marshmallow needs to still be hot from the fire, slightly blackened and causing the Hershey's chocolate to melt just right.

Still, s'mores aren't the tidiest of treats.

It's inevitable that you'll end up with sticky fingers and just imagine the horror show when kids are involved.

Plus, we're talking about fire and molten sugar, so it's not really the safest of treats.

Now, I'm mostly against overly-specialized cooking gadgets.

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They tend to take up a lot of space in the cupboard and don't get used nearly enough to merit the cost.

However, this s'mores maker from Bed Bath & Beyond looks awesome enough to break my own rules.

The S'More To Love™ S'More Maker contains everything in a cage-like grill the perfect size for classic graham crackers.

Bed Bath & Beyond

You just stack all the pieces inside, close the top, and then flip the whole thing over. Place it over an open fire or even a grill.

My only quibble would be the lack of crispy burnt bits on the marshmallow, but I think it's a balanced tradeoff.

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Plus, I can have real s'mores more often without minor burns, sticky fingers, or having to brave the bugs out in the campgrounds. It's win-win-win!