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Fans Are Accusing Khloé Kardashian Of Scamming Her Instagram Followers — Again

Khloé Kardashian has nearly 95 million Instagram followers, which makes sense because she's a mega-celeb. What doesn't make sense is how much KoKo promotes weird, sketchy products on her Instagram page. Sis is a multi-millionaire, she doesn't need to be doing this nonsense!!!!!

When it comes to Instagram sponsorship's, there's a few classic brands that have made a name for themselves.

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Most notably bands like SugarBearHair, FabFitFun, Daniel Wellington and Teami rely heavily on celebrity influencers promoting their products on social media.

Khloé is no stranger to a good Instagram sponsorship here and there, and *most of the time* we have no problem with that.

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As long as it's not promoting harmful diet teas but sadly, sis does that too :(

You what people do have a problem with, though? A lack of consistency.

Recently, KoKo posted this video of her whitening her teeth with her HiSmile teeth whitening unit.

Fans starting dragging the blonde bombshell IMMEDIATELY for this insane content.

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"No one's been asking tbh" is my fav comment by FAR, lol.

Maybe people were confused because the last time Khloé talked about her teeth whitening routine, she chalked up her results to this toothbrush.

The cob of corn is also concerning but ??? OKAY!

AND BEFORE THAT, Khloé was promoting this *different* teeth whitening unit from Express Smile Atlanta!

This ad is from over two years ago but sis really thought we would FORGET.

I mean, it is wild she has had three different teeth whitening sponsorship's over the past 2 years considering the fact that sis has porcelain veneers!!!!

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I mean, I truly have to laugh at the scam.

No one can deny she has stunning teeth, though. MAYBE SHE DOES USE HI SMILE???

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What do you think of KoKo's sponsored posts? Let us know in the comments below!