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Chris Evans Wants To Do An '80s Themed Buddy Movie With Chris Hemsworth

This is the movie that we deserve.

Evans and Hemsworth have been co-stars for basically a decade thanks to Avengers, and their relationship is amazing.

Chris Evans and co-star Chris Hemsworth are known for their shenanigans.

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In fact, Hemsworth said that they were separated on the Endgame tour because they always fooled around.

Their chemistry on screen is as good as it is off screen.


And because of that, Chris Evans has come up with an amazing idea.

Probably his best.

Evans wants to do a movie with Hemsworth like, now.

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“I would love to do one of those ’80s buddy comedies, where we could shed the characters we are known for.” said Evans.

If we haven't convinced you yet, this is sure to convince you now.

Here's a lovely video from a compilation someone made on YouTube.

It'll have you cracking up in seconds. Enjoy!