The Wafflesaurus Rex Ice Cream Cone Is Totally Wild And Totally Adorable

You are never too old to love dinosaurs. Even if you've outgrown your toys or wore out your old '90s VHS of Jurassic Park from watching it too many times.

There's something so powerful, so majestic, so literally awesome about those giant beasts.

Also: they're kind of adorable?

Look, I can't explain the weird cultural place dinosaurs have in our lives.

They've basically split into two different things: the Dinosaurs, which were incredible creatures that lived eons ago, evolved into birds, and are a huge focus of scientific learning...and dinosaurs, which still look like comical lizards with tiny arms.

But if this dichotomy means we get incredible dino-themed desserts, count me in!

Instagram | @sweetosaur

Sweetosaur is a dinosaur-themed dessert shop based in California and their stuff is cute enough to go extinct for.

Or, you know, plan a road trip.

Instagram | @sweetosaur

I mean look at this milkshake. It has an entire mini chocolate bundt cake for a meteor!

The shop features custom milkshakes, rolled ice cream, and possibly the best thing ever: the Wafflesaurus Rex.

Yes, it's a waffle-batter "cone" in the shape of an adorable dinosaur!

Instagram | @sweetosaur

The idea was inspired by Japanese taiyaki, which are fish-shaped cakes made of pancake or waffle batter.

And if you prefer a bowl, you don't miss out. Just order your Rex upside down.

Instagram | @sweetosaur

The Wafflesaurus comes in four flavors: original, chocolate, churo, and banana. Plus, the banana one is vegan!

Now excuse me, I think I'm going to watch Jurassic Park for the billionth time.

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