Dogs Are Apparently Good For Your Health And We’re Not Even A Little Surprised

We're all on that perilous journey to better ourselves and find the secret to eternal life.

Well, maybe not eternal, but longer than our Medieval plague-ridden ancestors.

Every so often, scientific studies emerge that promise to divulge the secrets to a healthier body and mind. Some are pretty standard, and then there are the ones that we're just gonna give a flat out "Nope!"

Living a healthier life isn't always the most fun.

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Implementing things like daily workouts and oil of oregano drops can make you go "does the benefit really outweigh the cost here?"

Fortunately for us, a new study has come out that will make living healthily soooo much more enjoyable.

Dogs apparently make you healthier.

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Yep, you heard me right! Keep that pup close by at all times because, you know, science.

A study out of the University of Liverpool analysed activity levels in a community in west Cheshire, studying 191 dog owners, 455 people without a dog, and 46 children.

Researchers found that dog owners were significantly more active than those without man's best friend.

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Dog owners apparently walk with their pets for a median average of seven times and 220 minutes per week, which means that they walk more frequently and for longer periods than those without dogs.

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week, and the study revealed 87.3 per cent of people with dogs achieved that target, compared to 62.7 per cent.

"Without dogs, it is likely that population physical activity levels would be much lower."

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"Our findings provide support for the role of pet dogs in promoting and maintaining positive health behaviors such as walking," researchers stated. "Our pet dogs play an important role in keeping us healthy and this should be recognized and facilitated."

However, we shouldn't look at getting a dog as the latest health trend.

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"This should not be interpreted to as a recommendation for people to go out and get a dog purely for their own benefit," the university made sure to state, "Dog welfare needs must be carefully considered."

Honestly, I'm not mad about this AT ALL.


This is ideal information to be bestowed upon the general population. We're already obsessed with our dogs, and now they're scientifically proven to give us health benefits? I'll gladly spend even more time with rover for any reason at all.

Thanks science!

h/t: Unliad