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Ben & Jerry's CBD-Infused Ice Cream Is Ready To Launch As Soon As It's Legal

CBD- and cannabis-infused foods are super trendy right now — even though they still aren't legal.

Cannabinoids are a big messy legal knot, with the two most common types, CBD and THC at the forefront.

That's hardly surprising, since both are the main cannabinoid components of marijuana.

While almost chemically identical, THC is entirely illegal in the US, due to the fact that it's the one that gets you high.

CBD is in more of a grey area. When derived from hemp, CBD is legal at a federal level, but still illegal when derived from cannabis. However, the federal law doesn't overrule state laws, so it all gets really messy.

However, regardless of how it's derived, it's still illegal to add CBD to food or beverages.

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That could change soon, though, because the FDA is currently looking into the option of legalizing CBD in foods, with a public hearing scheduled for May 31 and an open comment period lasting until July 2, 2019.

And if things go their way, Ben & Jerry's is already ready to capitalize on the trend.

On May 30, the day before the public hearing, they released a statement assuring their fans that they are "committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it’s legalized at the federal level."

As their fans know, they are "fans of all things groovy."

They've submitted a comment to the FDA in support of the legalization of CBD in food and drink.

Ben & Jerry's also states that they intend to use sustainably-sourced CBD from Vermont.

Of course, this still all depends on the FDA.

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If fans of CBD and Ben & Jerry's want to help, they can submit their own opinion to the FDA during the open comment period until July 2.

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