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Woman Tries To Sell ‘Slightly Used’ Breast Implants On Facebook Marketplace

In the age of capitalism, the world is your oyster! If a typical 9-5 isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other socially acceptable ways to pay your bills through the power of the capitalist machine.

And the best part is, you don't even have to deal with third party organizations who take part of your profit.

People independently sell things all the time.

Unsplash | Josh Edgoose

We've all been victim to the wicked scourge of the impulse buy, but lucky for us, if we don't want our things, it is certain that someone else will.

Saturday yard sales were something everyone in the community used to participate in, but who needs to stand under the baking sun when we have the beauty of the world wide web?

You always have a chance of running into some odd ducks on these sites.

Sometimes someone's just selling a camera from a couple of years ago.

And sometimes it's like, jarred caterpillar organs from the 1940s.

No judgment, everyone's got their thing and we've all gotta make that coin.

Okay, maybe a little judgment.

One woman recently posted an ad that got a fair amount of attention.

Unsplash | Con Karampelas

Tammie Huff used Facebook Marketplace to sell a couple of personal items that she felt she no longer needed.

And when I say personal, I mean PERSONAL.

She tried to sell her "slightly used" breast implants.

Facebook | Tammie Huff

She wrote that she has recently upgraded to a new pair of implants, and wanted to sell her old set, either as a pair ($200) or individually ($100 each).

"Good used set of t*****s for sale, upgraded so need gone."

Facebook | Tammie Huff

"Low miles, would just have to pay for installation," the ad reads, "Will sell separate. Size D. Hit me up before they’re gone."

She added that the implants come from a clean, smoke-free home.

She actually managed to sell them.

Facebook | Tammie Huff

Unfortunately for Huff, she has since been banned from selling items on the Facebook marketplace until June 2nd for violating community guidelines.

Despite her sale, the ad wasn't very well received.

"Now I've seen it all," one person commented, "girl, you selling t*****s lol."

But Huff's entrepreneurial spirit isn't crushed just yet.

She stated that once her ban from the marketplace is up, she will definitely be putting up additional ads.

"I am not done advertising!" she writes.

Hey, as J-Lo says in "Jenny From The Block", "Everyone's got to make a livin'!"

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle