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Owners Fear Dogs Are Being Targeted After Uncovering Tennis Ball Laced With Razors

Dog owners have been warned to be extra careful with their precious pooches after one owner discovered their puppy was chewing on tennis ball filled with new razor blades, the Mirror reported.

What's worse, police now believe the balls were placed inside the park to directly target dogs specifically.

The unnamed owner brought their puppies to Lyme Park in Stockport last week.

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Like any dogs tasting fresh air and sunshine, these puppies were eager to gallivant around and play to their little hearts' desire.

At some point during their visit, they discovered several tennis balls hidden in the reeds.

The puppies naturally brought the tennis balls out and began chewing on them. But the more the puppies chewed, the weaker the balls seemed to become.

In fact, the owner noticed the balls were actually disintegrating.

After virtually falling apart, one of the tennis balls was revealed to have a brand new razor blade hidden inside its cavity.

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Thankfully, the owner discovered the lethal razor wedged inside the ball before any of their puppies were hurt chewing the blade or even swallowing it.

Police and park rangers had been informed about the razor-laced ball and are currently investigating.

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The dog owner posted the story of the incident to the Stockport Crime Watch Facebook page and is asking dog owners and walkers to be hyper vigilant while enjoying the park with their pups.

The owner was understandably quite upset about the incident and what could have happend to their dogs.

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"I even threw [the ball] for them!" they wrote in the post. "I can't bear to think of the consequences..."

National Trust, who run the park, has said that they are going to great lengths to ensure no more balls are found.

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"We are aware of an incident reported by a local dog walker on Friday 24 May," a spokeswoman told Manchester Evening News. "The matter is now being investigated by police."

They added, "We've informed our countryside team who will be carrying out additional checks whilst working in the wider estate."

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