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Tons Of Celebs Are Commenting On A Meme With The Name Of Their Ladybits And It's Truly Wild

Ladies, if you've never named your va-jay-jay anything, you're probably lying.

We've all done it. But now celebrities are doing it and it's wild.

We don't give our ladybits enough credit.

They put up with a lot; monthly periods, childbirth — and as such, they deserve to be addressed by their own unique name.

And to get those creative vagina-naming-wheels turning, someone made a meme.

Needless to say, it's gone viral and the responses are wild — they're everything we hoped they would be.

Alright. Think back to whatever the last TV show you watched was. That's the name of your hoo-ha.

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I'll go first to break the ice.

This is honestly disturbing...

Animal Kingdom.

Whitney Cummings posted the meme on Instagram and celebrities are having a field day with it.

It's not only interesting to see celebrities naming their vagina's, but also, we're finding out what TV shows their watching.

It's all very informative.

Whitney started things off by captioning the last TV show she watched — and it was perfectly fitting.

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"The Good Place," she wrote.

This one is the greatest, idc. Don't @ me.

Next came Leah Butler, Jillian Bell, and Jessica Biel.

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  1. Am. Screaming.

I thought mine was bad. But All In The Family takes the prize, here.

Fleabag is a close runner-up.

Katharine McPhee commented "Smash".

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The context of this comment is far more interesting than the show, Smash, ever was.

It was canceled after just two seasons. Just saying.

Next, we have Kulap Vilaysack, Colette Carr, and Anjelah Johnson.

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Collette Carr is having some deep regrets about watching Nailed It and I can understand why.

Demi Moore wrote "Oh no The Enemy Within".

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This is scarily accurate. Our vaginas are kind of our enemies from within — in a lot of ways.

Jenna Fischer, Johnny Knoxville, Sarah Hyland, and Jessimae Peluso.

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Naming your vagina "Full House" is as equally hilarious as it is concerning.

I'm more amused by this than I'm proud to admit.

Kaley Cuoco commented "Big Bang Theory", which was definitely low-hanging fruit.

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But considering that the show just wrapped up its series finale after 12 seasons, I think we should just her have this one.

Next up we have Danielle Brooks, Our Lady J, Dan Bucatinsky, and Johnny Knoxville (again).

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Johnny Knoxville seems to really be enjoying this — vagina or not.

But I'd say the best ones in this bunch are Shark Tank and Claws.

Laverne Cox commented "Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation."

There are just so many hilariously crass, NSFW ways to interpret this — I don't even know where to begin.

And of course, countless non-celebrities commented as well. Here are a few mentionable ones:

Punisher, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The Bachelorette, and Jane The Virgin.

Who knew something so simple could turn into something so truly magical. My day is made.

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Comment the name of the last TV show you watched below!