New Freezable Wine Cooler Cups Are Literally The Best Thing Since Sangria

Can I just get something out in the open?

Warm pinot grigio is disgusting.

There, now that we've established that little-talked about tragedy that the human race is forced to suffer through, we can come together as a team and fix the plague that it truly is.

We've landed on the moon—why are we still drinking warm wine?

Sure, you can "put ice cubes in it" or whatever, but then you are literally paying money to drink watery wine.

We can't ALL turn water into the good stuff.

Am I the only one outraged about this? I can't be. I feel your anger. I feel your fire.

Luckily, the company HOST is here to save us all.


HOST is selling the greatest thing since sliced bread: a freezing wine cooler cup.

It's high key what we've all been waiting for— what we've needed all this time.

The cups are made using, like, real science.


For white wine, it is recommended that you freeze the HOST Wine Freeze Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.

"Inside the BPA free plastic walls of the HOST Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel," their website reads, "Each glass is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling."

"Each glass can comfortably accommodate 8.5 ounces"


Gone are the days of staring at your own refection in a boring glass while you drink warm wine. These cups come in a variety of fun colors for every mood.

Also, they're waaay more comfortable to hold. Stems are lame. Yeah, I said it.

The HOST Wine Freeze Cooling Cups are available on Amazon for around $10 American.


You can purchase each individual cup on its own, or buy them in sets of two or four with the ability to mix and match any colors you want!

We're done hiding in the shadows of warm wine. The future is now (well, it's in 2 hours, after the cup is finished freezing).

h/t: Delish