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J-Lo Sits With A-Rod And Marc Anthony At Their Son's Recital And The Video Has Fans Applauding

Jennifer Lopez, her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and her current fiancée, Alex Rodriguez, sat side-by-side at J-Lo and Marc's son's recital and believe it or not, it was anything but awkward.

If anything, they looked like they were having a blast.

Sitting in between your wife and her ex-husband doesn't sound like anybody's ideal afternoon, amirite?

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But Alex Rodriguez did it with a smile, and fans are living for it.

Here's the backstory:


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony quietly tied the knot in 2004.

They didn't announce their marriage, but paparazzi put two and two together shortly after, when they were spotted wearing their rings in public.

In 2008 they welcomed twins, Max and Emme.

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At that point, J-Lo took a break from performing and focused on being a mother of two.

“Once I did the tour,” she said, “I really just wanted to shut it down, and since then I’ve had to do three things, including a video. It may not sound like a lot, but you know, as this point, any woman can sympathize. It is a lot. I was ready just to sit.”

While their adorable family looked rock solid, it turned out that J-Lo and Marc's relationship was on the rocks.

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They announced their split just three years later in 2011 and finalized their divorce in 2014 — agreeing that Jennifer would get primary custody of their children.

Their breakup seemed far from messy — in fact, they were extremely friendly with each other after the fact. They even performed together.

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They were so friendly that fans were beginning to think that they just might get back together.

But Jen shut down the rumors, explaining that even though they aren't getting back together, they still have love for each other.

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“I think we’re really good the way we are. Honestly, we’re always gonna be great friends. I’m always gonna be there for him, he’s always gonna be there for me," she said in an interview.

Jennifer got engaged to her current fiancée, Alex Rodriguez in March 2019.

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According to Jennifer, the pair haven't set a date just yet due to their busy schedules.

"I think we have a pretty busy year ahead of us, so you know, we are [taking it slow]," Jen said.

Although they haven't gotten married yet, Alex is still making himself an active co-parent along with Jen and Marc, and it's really refreshing to see.

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Alex actually has children of his own from a previous marriage as well, and their families seem to blend together perfectly.

“The kids are amazing together," a source told People Magazine.

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"And they have wanted Jennifer and Alex to get married for a long time. They will all definitely be a huge part of the wedding."

It isn't always easy to bring two families together, exes and all, but J-Lo and A-Rod are killing it.

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And now we have video proof.

Alex posted a video of himself sitting in between Jen and Marc at their son's recital.

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In the video, you can hear the kids singing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston — a true classic.

Jen and Marc are both enthusiastically lip-syncing along with the kids, while Alex sits in the middle, smiling.

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"Those who can, do. Those who can’t, sit between two people that can and stay quiet! #imnotasinger," he captioned the video.

Fans couldn't help but notice how maturely the three of them were getting along.

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Funnily enough, this wasn't even the first time the three of them had joined forces for their kids.

A-Rod, J. Lo and Marc got together just last summer for Emme, Ella and Natasha’s dance showcase.

This fan commented, applauding the three of them for having so much respect for one another and their kids.

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This really is the definition of successful co-parenting.

This fan wrote, admitting that they can't stand to even be in the same room as the mother of their child.

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So, evidently, what J-Lo, A-Rod, and Marc have is very special. Cheers to that!