10+ TV Couples That Are Still Making Us Cringe

Ready yourself folks, because today we're talking about cringey couples.

Get prepared to bring in those shoulders, purse those lips and go "oooh". Or, alternatively, you could always suck in air through your teeth.

'Arrow': Felicity and Ray.

The CW

While these two wacky characters sure did have a lot in common, that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

These two felt more like friends than a couple who were actually attracted to one and other.

'Gilmore Girls': Lorelai and Digger.

Warner Bros.

Lorelai just can't help but date off-limits men.

Teachers, the town's diner owner, and now her father's business partner. This guy was totally weird though and not good at all for everyone's second favorite Lorelai Gilmore.

'Grey's Anatomy': Izzie and George.


These two were like brother and sister!

Sure, I guess they needed someone for permanently friend zoned George to get with but... Izzie? No, no way, this didn't work one little bit.

'How I Met Your Mother': Ted and Zoey.

20th Century Fox

Yes, I know the whole point of the show is for old Ted to tell his children about all his past failed relationships.

Still, he could have skipped over this blunder.

'Game Of Thrones': Jon and Dany.


What? But these two were such a nice couple, they had the brains, they had the brawn, they had the dragons, what could they have done to end up on a cringey couple list?

(Checks family history)


'The Office': Pam and Roy.


You know what's funny about this relationship is that the whole time we're cheering on Jim and against Roy, but then once you initially see Pam and Roy split up you kind of feel bad for the warehouse guy.

Either way, awful relationship. Bring on Jam!

'Community': Troy and Britta.

Sony Pictures TV

Yeah... this is one that just one of those things that looks bad everywhere.

I mean on paper, said out loud and especially, especially when you see it on TV.

'Friends': Joey and Rachel.

Warner Bros.

No "cringey couples" list is finished without this total and complete misstep.

In the words of popular Youtuber The Angry Video Game Nerd: What were they thinking?!?

'Parks and Recreation': Tom and Ann.


Holy heck, I forgot this relationship even happened!

It literally went into my brain, my brain went "yeah, that's a TV relationship" and then it was tossed out of the exhaust pipe.

'Riverdale': Archie and Veronica.

The CW

I swear to god, all these two ever did was make out.

Sure, they had to be together because of the comics, but they hardly had anything in common.

'Orange Is The New Black': Piper and Alex.


Yeah, this one is just an unhealthy prison relationship.

Alex is the reason Piper's in prison in the first place and completely screwed her out of a chance to get out as well.

'Game Of Thrones': Jaime and Cersei Lannister.


What? But these two seemed like such a power couple!

No. They're brother and sister, it was never cute.

'The Good Place': Jason and Tahani.


I get these two were literally put together to torture each other, but it doesn't make the relationship any less cringey.

The idiot Jason and the smart but full of herself Tahani just don't make a good pair.

'Friends': Ross and Rachel.

Warner Bros.

Yeah, I said it. Ross and Rachel sucked for one reason and one reason only: Ross.

The guy is whiny, he's manipulative and he is just bad in general for Rach.

'Grey's Anatomy': Meredith and Derek.


Wait! Don't angrily close the article! I get it, they're the bread and butter of the series but honestly... Meredith doesn't deserve Derek.

She's... she's just the absolute worst. And Derek well... he's Derek.