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Mountain Dew's New 'Liberty Brew' Combines 50 Flavors Into One Drink

Each year, Memorial Day gives Americans a chance to take some time and reflect on the sacrifices that veterans have made for their country.

Yet, although it has a solemn reason for existing, the fact also remains that it gives people a day off right as the weather is starting to get nice. So for many people, it's as much a time for celebration as it is for quiet reflection.

And that is likely why Mountain Dew chose this special weekend to release a particularly patriotic flavor.

Ever since January, Mountain Dew has been teasing the release of their new Liberty Brew.

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According to Best Products it's the latest in Mountain Dew's limited time releases that fans can expect to enjoy all summer.

After all, they had to top the widespread return of Baja Blast last year somehow.

And this midnight blue concoction seems like it'll be just the ticket to do that.

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That's not just because the cans and bottles respectively feature eagles and the Statue of Liberty riding a motorcycle, but also because it's supposedly the result of combining 50 different flavors into one drink to represent the 50 states.

It's unclear what exactly those flavors are, however.

As you might expect with all those flavors swimming around, the taste of Liberty Brew seems to depend on who you ask.

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As Best Products reported, some have said it tastes like the result of mixing Mountain Dew Code Red and Mountain Dew Voltage together, while others think it tastes more like a combination of grape, berries, and tropical fruit.

Others still felt a strong resemblance in taste to Pepsi Blue.

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So if you've been missing that short-lived soda like I have ever since they discontinued it, this might be your chance to relive those memories.

Of course, there's no telling what flavors will jump out at you if you try it, but it sounds pleasant enough.

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Liberty Brew is now available at various major retailers, particularly Target, but it'll likely be gone by the time the leaves start to fall.

h/t: Best Products