Twitter Is Not Having Any Disrespectful Jokes About Kit Harington Going Into Rehab

So by now you probably know that Kit Harington has checked into rehab.

He has been in there for about a month, for treatments that allegedly have to do with stress, personal issues, and exhaustion.

Kit Harington took the ending of 'Game of Thrones' pretty badly.

During his final goodbye to the crew, he could not hold back his tears.

Full disclosure, I also cried watching the video.

Finding out that Dany died, seemed to do him in.

Twitter | @LordSnow

His reaction went viral.

He simply broke down, again, when he found out that he would be the one to kill her.

It must be so hard for him to say goodbye to Jon Snow.


He spent ten years on one show. That's a long time.

It was likely very difficult to separate his own skin from the skin of the character.

So when he checked into rehab, most fans were very supportive.

When news broke, fans rallied around Kit to show their support.

The mental exhaustion that comes when something ends is no joke.

Of course, that meant hat some people just HAD to make jokes.

So not cool or sensitive to the situation. Let's have some compassion.

Mental health should be taken seriously.

Luckily, more people were coming to his defense rather than tearing him down.

Twitter can be a terrible place sometimes, but other times people really come together for the good.

This is one of those times.

Personally, not only am I happy that Kit is seeking help, but I'm happy he has such supportive fans.

And that is the damn tea.

We're at least happy to know that more people are kind than they are cruel.

Send out your good thoughts to Kit!