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Man Arrested After Setting Himself On Fire In Park Near The White House

Sometimes, we can just be living out a normal day when a situation suddenly unfolds in front of us. In the most extreme cases, these situations are equal parts dangerous and difficult to explain and it's hard not to feel powerless as they're going on.

And if help has already been summoned, all we can do is hope to get some answers as to what happened and why later. But whether that explanation comes or not, we never forget what we saw.

And one mysterious fire in Washington D.C. will likely stay in the memories of everyone who witnessed it.

In a park less than a mile from The White House, onlookers were shocked to see a man walking around while on fire.

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As TMZ reported, it seemed the man had intentionally set himself on fire and managed to completely engulf himself in flames.

In a video taken on the scene, witnesses seemed to argue over the purpose for his self-immolation and the level of danger he has in.

YouTube | TMZ

One person can be heard saying, "It's not a [expletive] stunt, this guy's killing–he's burning himself alive."

Although his actions may not have been a stunt, TMZ's report speculated that he was wearing a protective suit like this at the time.

This was based on the fact that he doesn't collapse or even apparently stumble during the whole time he's calmly walking around the grass.

Regardless of the reason behind this display, it would not continue for long.

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After one person approaches and sprays him with a fire extinguisher, sirens can be heard as police cars start pulling up to the scene.

After police worked to extinguish the fire, they arrested the man responsible and rushed him to the hospital.

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According to TMZ, more than 70 officers from various agencies responded to the incident.

Neither the man's condition nor the reason for setting himself on fire are clear at this time.

The man was reportedly the only person injured by the fire.

His flaming display and the first responder's efforts to extingush him can be seen in the full video.

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