10+ Massive Movie Mistakes You Will Never Unsee

Look away, folks! If you don't want some of your favorite movies ruined, then turn this article off right now!

And preferably find a new one to read.

'American Sniper'.


In this shot, you can see that the baby in Bradley Cooper's hand is clearly fake. Like, there are no attempts to hide it.

He even moves the fake baby's arm with his thumb.



During this scene in the hit musical Grease, Frenchy's waitress friend goes to shut off a light and completely misses it with her elbow.

And yet, the light still turns off.



This one is a little harder to see but look to the left of the chariot.

See that little thing that looks like a gas canister? That's because it is a gas canister.

'Dirty Dancing'.


As we see our hero Johnny driving his sweet car, it looks like the gearshift is in park.

I'm no professional driver or anything, but I'm pretty sure if the car is driving forward the gear is in "drive".

'Star Wars'.


Doing! Haha, almost all the Star Wars fans I know are aware of this mistake, but for those of you who missed it watch the stormtrooper on the right.

Bo-ing! Walk much, loser?

'The Matrix'.


Look closely at the pillar. See that odd little circle that seems like it's just about to fall out?

That's because it's the breakaway piece Hugo Weaving is about to punch away.

'Back To The Future'.


Sure, the scene is cool and all, but the guitar he's playing, the ES-345, didn't debut until 1959 and the movie is set in 1955.

Then again, Marty is a time traveler...

'Pretty Woman'.


Okay, Julia Roberts is eating a pancake in this scene.

So what? Well, literally seconds before it was a croissant. Which is it, Vivian Ward? Huh?!? Which breakfast pastry is it?

'Lord Of The Rings'.


Take a close look at Legolas' eyes in the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Try not to get lost in them. I said try!

Anyways, they're pretty dark, right? Well...

'The Hobbit'.


Here are his eyes in The Hobbit trilogy. What the heck? Did the brightness of his eyes fade with age?

Come on, Peter Jackson, we all know that you're better than this!

'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.


How does Grandpa Joe get out of bed to buy a chocolate bar for Charlie?

He's been lying there for 20 years and still manages to get out, get some money and grab a bar for his grandson without being noticed.



You might have to be an animator to see this off the bat but during this scene, Elsa's hair morphs through her shoulder.

Clearly, her magic is more powerful than we thought...

'Pulp Fiction'.


What's that in the background? A bullet hole.

Too bad Jules and Vincent Vega hadn't been shot at yet. Well, at least we know in which sequence these scenes were shot.



Look to the bottom left! See that figure there? Well, that's a white car.

Now I'm no history expert or anything, however, I think First War of Scottish Independence could've been won easier if William Wallace had some cars...

'Bad Boys'.


This is, by far, the laziest mistake I've ever seen in a movie. Nobody, from the director to the other cameramen to the editor, thought to say: "hey, there's a camera guy in that shot".