Steve Biro

This Viral Photo Of A Bald Eagle Is Seriously Incredible

Now that we all carry pretty decent cameras around in our pockets, we sometimes forget the sheer skill required to really master photography.

I took a photography course in school and while I learned the theory behind F-Stops, apertures, and shutter speed, I was never able to make the practical connections needed to be good at it. Though I adored experimenting in the dark room.

There's a reason that professional photographers cost a pretty penny.

Just look at the difference between the professional wedding photos and those taken on Aunt Karen's three-year-old iPhone.

Still, as digital SLR cameras become more affordable, more and more people are expanding beyond the phone for photography.

All you need to learn is the internet. No special classes needed.

So it's hardly surprising that more and more amateur photographers are going viral with some incredible images.

Unsplash | Isen Jiang

That's what's happened to Canadian photographer Steve Biro and his once-in-a-lifetime pic of a bald eagle.

In it, the eagle is staring directly at the camera as it swoops so close to the water that its feathers brush the surface.

Steve Biro

Below it, the reflection creates a symmetrical composition that's super satisfying.

The photo was taken at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ontario.

Unsplash | Patrick Brinksma

Knowing the kind of photo he hoped to take, Biro had stationed himself right up near the water, knowing he was risking the bird's ire, but taking hundreds of pics over multiple flybys. It was so close, that he could feel the breeze from its wings.

Though he got the shot, he's still surprised by its popularity, telling CTV:

"I thought people would like it. I didn’t expect quite the event that happened, to be quite honest."