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Iggy Azalea Comments On Leaked Topless Photos: 'I Feel Blindsided'

Iggy Azalea has been a trending topic on social media these past few days due to an incredibly invasive and illegal disruption of her privacy.

On Monday, it was reported topless photos of the rapper had been leaked over the weekend by an unnamed source.

The photos were outtakes from Iggy's 2016 photo shoot with GQ Australia.

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Unsurprisingly, this invasion of privacy years after the photos were taken totally surprised the artist, prompting her to delete all social media accounts.

The photographer in charge of the shoot, Nino Muñoz, spoke out on his Instagram account condemning the leaked pics.

"I'm outraged and saddened to find out that images of mine were stolen and published without my permission" he wrote.

Iggy soon reactivated her Twitter to address the situation before promptly deleting it again.

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Iggy commented on how the leaked photos have affected her mental health.

Needless to say, our hearts are breaking for her during this incredibly difficult time.

In regards to the reason she chose to work with GQ in the first place, Iggy said she felt they were reputable.


"I always felt they were very beautiful covers, so I jumped at the opportunity."

She continued, "Today Im a ball of negative emotions."


"I feel blindsided, embarassed, violated, angry, sad and a million other things. Not soley because I did not consent to this - but also because of the vile way people have reacted."

"I hadn't seen other women's covers leak so I felt comfortable (on a closed set) to model for such a reputable magazine knowing only the images with my hands covering would be considered for print."

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"It was my understanding BEFORE shooting, GQ do not print topless pictures."

Iggy goes on to say the worst part has been the disrespect men have shown her online, "A lot of comments I see from men in particular taking things even further and sharing their thoughts and fantasies in regards to my body has honestly disturbed me."

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"If you've ever been humiliated before in front of family & those you care about maybe you can relate to what I'm going through."

Thankfully, Iggy is taking legal action to reprimand those who invaded her privacy.


She concludes with a message of peace, "please be kinder to one another."

We're standing with you, Iggy.

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No one should ever have to experience something so traumatic and devastating —especially while being in the public eye, which makes it all the more unfair.

Stay strong, girl. We love you!