Conleth Hill's Reaction To Varys' Death On 'GOT' Is The Biggest Mood Right Now

Okay, if you haven't yet seen Game of Thrones then you really need to get on it.

You don't want to irritate Conleth Hill more than he's already annoyed, do you?

Varys had an unfortunate ending at the hands of Dany.


To be fair, he was plotting behind her back.

He felt that she was going crazy, and so she had to be put down.

In the time leading up to it, he tried to convince Tyrion to side with him.


Tyrion was loyal to Dany, but he ended up being proven wrong only a few scenes later.

Dany used Drogon to burn Varys.


After all, she had promised him that if she ever found out that he betrayed her, she would burn him alive.

She stuck to her word.

But the actor, Conleth Hill was so not impressed with his character's ending.


Like a lot of the actors, he would have definitely done some things differently.

Overall, fans were pretty upset with the whole season, to say the least.

And they certainly were not thrilled about the way Varys was killed off in the second last episode of the season.

Just to keep fans there just a biiiiit longer, HBO released a documentary series that chronicles the show's last season.

YouTube | GameofThrones

Of particular interest are the cast table reads.

Kit Harington was visibly upset when he finds out that he has to kill his queen.

I mean, already trying to grapple with the fact that an 8-year season is coming to an end is difficult enough.

However, he wasn't the only cast member visibly upset with the script.

In 'Game of Thrones: The Last Watch' you see the cast at their final table read.

YouTube | The Dragon Demands

When Conleth finds out what is happening to him, he tosses his script away.

Emilia looks over to him in apology.

YouTube | The Dragon Demands

She could see that he was visibly upset about what had happened.

Honestly, we all were. Varys had no reason to die.

Yup, that expression says it all.

YouTube | The Dragon Demands

His co-stars on either side of him reached out to comfort him by holding his hand and patting his leg.

Poor guy.

See his reaction for yourself.

Here's a link to a video that shows his reaction.

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