Daenerys Looked Just Like Viserys In Her Final Episode And It May Have Been On Purpose

We're returning once again to Game Of Thrones, people! Ah yes, it's like putting on an old pair of socks.

Sometimes they have holes and sometimes they stink, but they're always great for keeping your feet warm.



Should I really still be putting these spoiler warnings up? Game Of Thrones has been over for a couple of weeks now.

Oh, you know what, just in case you're still kicking around on Season 5, then keep in mind there will be spoilers ahead for the finale.

The finale was pretty decent.


A lot of people's stories got wrapped up in really nice ways. Especially, in my own humble opinion, Tyrion's.

He ended up as Hand Of The King, which is exactly where he needs to be.

Let's see...


Sansa stays North, Jon goes North-er, Arya sails west to potentially (more like hopefully) have her own spin-off series and everyone else just has a grand old time living it up in King's Landing.

Especially Bran.


Who, as we all know, becomes king. An ending that my mom called "lame". And I personally agree.

Not hating on Bran or anything but... uh... you know what, I am hating on Bran.

Haters gunna hate, but only one man is King.


Yeah, yeah, whatever. So everything turned out alright for everyone in Westeros.

What's that?

Oh right. Everything turned out alright for everyone in Westeros... except for one person.

And that person would be Daenerys Targaryen.


Yes, it seems that not all endings were happy for our beloved Game Of Thrones characters.

However, did you really expect anything different? Did you really expect them to be picking elderberries in the Godswood or whatever?

The Mother Of Dragons is dead.


It seems she caught a fatal case of "being stabbed to death". And by her own nephew/lover too!

Yes, for never was a story of more woe than this of Dany and her Johnny Snow.

And so, there is nothing left.


With the series coming to a conclusion, we're out of new material.

No new fan theories can be made, no new potential connections, no more speculations. It's a sad time, really.

Or is it?!?


Word traveled along the winds that there was a connection we might have missed in the final episode!

Oh? Something Game Of Thrones to talk about? Count me in!

Guess where this detail came from?


If you guessed "" then you'd be completely and totally wrong, go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

No, of course, it was Reddit, because isn't it always?

It's something between Daenerys and her brother...


Viserys. You remember that d-bag from season 1, right?

The person we all loved to hate the most until... well until a certain Baratheon/Lannister king was put into power...


Reddit | stitch123

Apparently, according to the user stitch123 in the end, Daenerys had the same smile her brother Viserys had during a scene in Season 1.

Look at the picture, the resemblance is uncanny.

Stitch123 isn't sure if the resemblance was intentional...


Or if it wasn't, it sure was a coincidence.

I mean, they're both smiling with their mouths closed, they both have the same insane look in their eyes...

And it would reflect her arc, too.


In the end, she became just as violent, vengeful and tyrannical as her brother might have become should he have been given the Iron Throne.

So the mirrored smile would be a nice nod to that.

What do you think?

Accidental or intentional?

If you're one of those people who are trying to get a hit put out on D.B. Weiss and David Benioff because of the final season you probably think the former.