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Ryan Reynolds And Other Major Celebs Are Suddenly Urging Fans To See 'Booksmart'

Ryan Reynolds, among several other major celebs, are raving over the latest female-led teen comedy, Booksmart — and if they're saying we need to see it, we need to see it.

The female-led teen comedy directed by Olivia Wilde, "Booksmart" received glowing reviews after its debut at South by Southwest.


But for some reason, it isn't quite living up to its presumed success.

It brought in $8.7 million its opening weekend, far behind "Superbad" — a film critics have compared it to.


Don't worry about Googling the movie's synopsis — I'm about to relay it to you.

"Booksmart" is about two teenage girls about to graduate high school, who suddenly realize that they spent the last four years being total squares.


Or being "booksmart," rather.

To overcorrect their underwhelming, straight-edge high school careers, they attempt to cram four years of partying, experimenting, and rule-breaking into one epic night.


Does that sound like something you want to miss?

Didn't think so.

If the plot description didn't entice you, the cast and crew definitely will.


As I mentioned, it's Olivia Wilde's first shot at working behind the camera — which is huge, and the writers of the film were all women.

Ladies, FTW!

The two main characters are played by Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever.

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A few other notable names are Lisa Kudrow, Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Jessica Williams, and there's even a vocal-appearance by Maya Rudolph.

A lot of people were disappointed to hear that the film isn't doing as well as it deserves.


It's a tough market to be in right now!

Olivia Wilde is refusing to let her movie be beaten by "the big dogs".

She encouraged her followers to support movies made about and by women, and not let them be overshadowed.

Taylor Swift posted about it in her Instagram story.

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“JUST BOUGHT TICKETS!! Guys go see Booksmart cause in this house we support @oliviawilde," she wrote — sharing Booksmart actor, Diana Silvers' post, and prompting fans to swipe up and follow suit.

Ryan Reynolds also promoted the film on social media, urging his fans to hastily buy their tickets.

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From there, it's been a chain reaction of celebrities showing their support for the movie and promoting it to their fans and followers.

Mindy Kaling, another successful female screenwriter and actor in her own right, admitted that she has already seen the movie once and that simply was not enough.

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She urged fans to follow her lead and go see the movie with her.

Natalie Portman took to Instagram to share the movie poster with her fans.

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"I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a loooong time," she wrote in the caption. "Who’s with me on seeing @booksmart this weekend? directed by the brilliant @oliviawilde."

Busy Philipps also took to Instagram, telling her fans that the hype is real.

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"BELIEVE THE HYPE MY FRIENDS!! This movie brought me so much joy and nostalgia and laughter and love and empowerment and I really really want everyone to go see it THIS WEEKEND!," she wrote.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted her excitement about the movie, asking someone to carry her to the nearest theater.

Olivia replied, saying that the movie was basically made for her.

I trust these celebs' opinions, I know they would never lead us astray.

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So, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling inspired to go out and support the strong women in show-biz by seeing this movie in theaters. Repeatedly.