Netflix's New Horror Film 'The Perfection' Is Making People Physically Sick

The Perfection has officially become the new Bird Box across social media.

It stars Logan Browning and Allison Williams, who play two musicians.

But be careful, this movie is not for the faint of heart.

So what it's about?


Here's the official description by Netflix.

"In this twisty horror-thriller, a once-promising music prodigy reconnects with her former mentors, only to find them taken with a talented new pupil."

This movie is taking over social media, but you have to be careful.


There are a lot of scenes that have actually been making people physically sick.

Like what? Oh, like bugs crawling under Lizzie's skin. Yup.

Despite the fact that people are getting sick, everyone is recommending it.


The story might be extremely twisted and gory, but that hasn't stopped people from telling others to watch it!

'The Perfection' came out on May 24th.


The reviews have been nothing short of amazing.

Will you be watching it? Let us know in the comments!

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