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Sophie Turner Proving She Can Put Her Leg Behind Her Head Is Truly Iconic

Hi, are you ready to once again bask in the glory that is Sophie Turner?

The irl living legend recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where she showed off one of her many talents for the audience.

We have decided to stan for life.

Just to remind you

Sophie is multi-talented.

One of her most recent demonstrations included her chugging back an entire glass of red wine while appearing on a jumbotron.

If you've ever tried to chug red wine, you know that this is a genuinely impressive feat.

She can change a tire in full glam

In this video that is truly art, Sophie teaches everyone how to change a tire.

Maybe she's on a Vogue set, and maybe she's in heels, but her advice is still good! Okay? Okay.

She also is a master at sleeping

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There is no part of me that doesn't relate to this picture.

Sophie posted this picture in honor of Game of Thrones' final season premiering.

This is her asleep on set in full Sansa makeup and hair. She's so good at sleeping.

Like, really really good at sleeping

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Possibly a pro.

While appearing on Graham Norton alongside her X-Men: Dark Phoenix co-stars, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender.

They all had stories about Sophie's ability to fall asleep absolutely anywhere.

Graham asked Sophie what her superpower is

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Since Jessica Chastain's is pranking, what is Sophie's?

"Sleeping," she said. "I'm incredible at sleeping. I can do it anywhere you like, any time."

Her co-stars have all seen her do it, too.

She can literally do it anywhere

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Jessica noted that she saw Sophie do it in the middle of a scene.

For James McAvoy, it was a more unusual spot.

"You know the director's chair, the high, kind of thin, very uncomfortable chair that we always get to sit on? She can sleep in that, it's incredible."

Graham asked if she can do that because she's flexible

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Which Sophie immediately demonstrated.

"I used to sleep in cars like this," she said, folding her whole body over.

Thank god she had good pins in her wig that day, because she commented that she almost lost her "fake fringe."

But there's a reason she's so flexible

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"I guess I'm quite flexible in the hips." She said.

When Graham asked her if she was a gymnast, Sophie replied: "I did circus skills. So I was like an aerialist."

We all know where this is going.

Sophie basically just offered up the information

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"I suppose I'm a little bendy. I can still put behind my head. I think."

The best part of that declaration was James McAvoy expressing shock, and Michael Fassbender just saying, "Okay."

Jessica Chastain wanted to see it

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Which made Sophie pause. Girl, you had to know this is where this was gonna go when you brought it up!

"Now I'm going to pull a muscle, I won't be able to do it!" Sophie said.

Graham reassured her that they'd cut it out

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Which was basically all Sophie needed to hear.

She immediately began to raise her leg, which delighted absolutely everyone.

I think Jessica Chastain might have been the most excited about it, though.


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The great Sophie Turner, ladies and gentlemen.

She was obviously met with huge applause, and cheers from her co-stars.

I think Michael Fassbender's face says it all. Same, dude. Same.

That was truly impressive

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Sophie was so proud of herself.

Graham pointed out that she did that without needed to warm up at all.

"That's right. That's right. Imagine what I can do when I'm warmed up."

Well that was a mistake

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"No! Never mind, never mind, never mind." She then trailed off into just making vague "no" sounds with her mouth.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Sophie Turner has absolutely no filter at all.

Let's all also just take a moment to appreciate this

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While Graham congratulated Sophie on her bendiness, Michael Fassbender lowkey actually tried to lift his own leg, which delighted Jessica Chastain.

"Your turn!" She said, and honestly? I'm sad he didn't give it a shot.