Tim O'Brien illustration

10+ Cartoon Characters And Their Real-Life Depictions

Today we enter the world of cartoon characters drawn realistically.

We'll step into the strange uncanny valley, and remember the age-old adage: if you something looks cutesy as a cartoon, it might not always look as adorable realistically drawn.

Homer Simpson.


Oh god! I thought Stewie Griffin's eyes were bad, look at that!

Good lord... well, I know what's going to be appearing in my nightmares for the next couple of weeks!



Gosh, why the heck is he so wrinkly?

Reminds me of the Mario Brothers movie... they took everything that made Mario nice and approachable and made him into something horrifying.

Buzz Lightyear.

Raoni Nery

This is the first one that's pretty cool. Actually, I bet we could see some awesome space battles with this real-life Buzz.

I honestly can't wait to see what artist Raoni Nery does with Zurg...

The TMNT characters.

David Rapoza

This one I actually don't mind as well! It's horrifying, it's dark and with an aging TMNT fanbase, this actually might be the way to go.

A dark reboot. DC, stay away from this one.

The Brain.


And we're back to the scary stuff. Jeez!

The Brain is a scary character when he's drawn regularly, but imagine that mouse speaking in Orson Welles' voice and trying to take over the world?


Lee Romao

I like to think of this one as the hardcore, dark remake of the classic Popeye character.

I assume that it would come from the DC Universe... if they still have one by then.

Stewie Griffin.


Oh good lord... look at that hair! That's probably the most disturbing thing about this picture and that's saying something.

Those beady eyes, that disturbing smile... brings chills down my spine.

Jessica Rabbit.


Woah... uh... listen, I already had weird feelings about Jessica Rabbit to begin with, I don't need this picture to make me question what's wrong with me even more.


Raoni Nery

Now, this is sick! The movie, while it had some awesome effects and the Venom suit looked great, should've taken some inspiration from this artist.

This version is terrifying... in all the right ways.

Jack Skellington and Sally Finklestein.

Alex Ruiz

Another one that's horrifying, but I think in the right way. Then again, it would probably be harder to sympathize with Jack if he looked that decayed.

Either way, the movie would be a wild ride.

Lilo & Stitch.

Heather Theurer

This is one of the only transitions that's managed to keep the cartoon's cutesy nature.

And think about it, they could've made Stitch look so much more horrifying! Thankfully, they didn't.

Charlie Brown.

Tim O'Brien illustration

This terrifying depiction, entitled: "Chuck Brown" portrays the young Charlie as this cold, unfeeling, black-eyed demon.

Somehow this makes the terrible life of Charlie Brown even sadder, which I didn't think was possible.

Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle.


I'm torn on this one. I like Cartman and Kenny, however, I think Stan and Kyle look a little too angry.

Sure, Kyle, and Cartman are often fighting, but I don't think of Kyle as a pissed off character.

Darkwing Duck.

Burd McLeod

Honestly... this is the first one I've liked better than the cartoon.

I truly think that I would find the show a lot funnier if we had a realistic duck superheroing around.

Jessica Rabbit... Again.


This is quite the photo! Alright, I think that's enough internet for today, folks.

You can't keep making me question myself, people! I know who I am and what I like!