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Olivia Jade Is Trying To Become A Beauty Influencer Again And Fans Aren't Having It

Olivia Jade used to have it made. Big house, fancy car — a YouTube channel where sis got PAID. But sadly, life has been treating Olivia Jade badly. Her parents paid off the USC and (allegedly) said she was on the rowing team.

In other words, remember "Varsity Blues" when dozens of wealthy parents were exposed back in March for bribing top universities in order to obtain admission letters for their children???

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Well Olivia Jade's parents Lori Loughlin and Massimo Giannulli are among those parents.

The pair are accused of paying $500,000 to have Olivia and their other daughter, 20 year-old Isabella admitted to USC on the false pretence of being rowing crew team recruits.

Since the scandal broke, Olivia has signed off on all her socials.

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Sis has also been dropped from her all brand deals, including (most tragically) her collaboration with Sephora.

Once upon a time, Olivia had a super sought after highlighter palette with the beauty giant. It was totally stunning.

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After the scandal broke however, the palette was quickly removed from shelves.

Not before people were able to leave some savage reviews, though.

Twitter is ALWAYS on it with the drama and I'm fully gagged for it.

Well, word on the street is Olivia is missing her days as a beauty influencer.

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As someone who has to pay for all their own makeup out of pocket, I don't blame her for missing those sweeeeet P.R packages, lol.

A source to the family claims Olivia is anxious to be back in the spotlight.

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The source told Us Weekly “she understands she needs to hide out for now and lay low, but she’s anxious to be back in the spotlight again and thinks that over time she’ll be able to come back.”

It's hard to say how people will react to this though, cause people were PISSED AT HER!

It's also now being rumoured sis knew about the lie the whole time, which makes things much worse for her.

I guess time will tell if Olivia Jade will be allowed back into the sacred world of beauty influencers.

What do you think? Will Olivia's drama be old news in a few months, or will this be drama that sticks?

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