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Today Is The Three Year Anniversary Of Harambe’s Death

On May 28th 2016, a child fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

When Harambe the gorilla picked the child up, the zoo workers felt they had no other choice but to shoot Harmabe in order to save the child's life.

It was pretty disturbing to witness an innocent animal full on murdered rather than simply tranquilized.

A massive social media wave followed Harambe's death.

Cincinnati Zoo

Innocent animals are hunted and killed for sport every day, but for some reason, we all felt like this death was different. That Harambe himself was different.

We didn't just lose a gorilla—we lost a piece of ourselves that day too.

Once in a lifetime, a a martyr comes along who reshapes our entire perception of society.


Someone who lived as the physical manifestation of truth and wisdom on earth.

Someone who's loss shook us to our very core, and left us asking the big questions: What really matters? Who do we want to be in this life? Why are we so upset about a gorilla?

Saint Harambe has since been ruling the animal kingdom from above.

Twitter | @readreadin

He's part meme, part cathartic method of escapism, part deconstruction of collective mourning culture.

Harambe forces us to examine the ways in which we attribute meaning to subjects whom we've arbitrarily attributed meaning. In this essay I will...

All of our male-oriented appendages are out for Harambe.

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And they've been out in solidarity for three years straight.

Do you feel old yet? I sure do.

Gone but not forgotten.

Cincinnati Zoo

Though Harmabe is gone from this earth, his spirit lives on through the collective Millennial cry for justice.

Rest in peace Harambe. Rest in peace.

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