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Nick Carter And His Wife Announce They're Expecting A Rainbow Baby

For many couples, announcing the arrival of a rainbow baby can be a bittersweet experience.

Even though it can be tough, many couples choose to mark the news with a beautiful photo that pays tribute to their emotions.

Nick Carter and his wife recently announced that they have a rainbow baby on the way. They shared the news with fans in a post that will bring tears to your eyes.

Backstreet Boy band member Nick Carter married his wife, Lauren Kitt, in 2014.

The couple recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in April, and Nick took to Instagram to share this photo from their wedding day to mark the occasion. Congrats, you two!

In 2016, they welcomed their baby boy to the world.

Baby Odin was born at home during a water birth. Lauren shared this photo of him taken moments after he was born to her followers on Instagram.

The Carters are definitely a close-knit family.

Even though Nick is touring with BSB, Lauren and Odin often travel with him and the family posts updates from their stops on tour.

Nick clearly loves being a dad.

His Instagram is filled with photos of him and Odin just chilling. Also, is it just me, or does Odin look like a mini Nick?

Sadly, in 2018, the family suffered a devastating loss.

The family suffered a miscarriage and revealed that they had been expecting a little girl. Lauren shared this ultrasound photo on what would have been her due date in March and opened up about the loss.

Lauren wanted to bring awareness to the subject of miscarrying in her post.

She expressed what a lot of women might feel when they go through a miscarriage.

"...I thought I’d share with you all an often shameful subject that we as Women and Parents suffer in silence. Shameful because as a woman I am supposed to create life and when failing to do so feels like failure as a human."

"...days like today remind me just how fortunate I am to have a healthy child and how BADASS women are, how much we endure with a smile on our face."

I'm sure there are many women who thank Lauren for being so open and transparent about the subject.

"If you are struggling to start a family or have had a loss this post is for you, you’re not alone and there is always hope."

And, indeed, that moment came for the couple.

Following the loss, the family took to Instagram again to share some hopeful news.

In this beautiful photo featuring a rainbow filter, the family confirmed that they were expecting their rainbow baby.

Rainbow babies are babies born after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

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They represent the positives that can come after a dark period, like a bright, colorful rainbow after a dark storm.

Nick wrote a heartfelt message in the caption for the announcement.

"Thank You God for giving us the greatest gift we could ever ask for," he said in his Instagram post.

Many fans have come forward on Instagram and Twitter excitedly congratulating the couple.

Some are even sharing their own rainbow baby happy endings.

Nick and Lauren aren't the only celebrity couple to have openly announced their rainbow baby on social media.

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TLC reality star Josiah Duggar and his wife Lauren Swanson also announced recently that they're expecting a rainbow baby.

Other couples have also taken to social media in recent years to colorfully share their good news.

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Rightfully, parents are very excited to announce their pregnancy after a time they may have felt like it wouldn't happen again.

So far, no other details have been released about Baby Carter, but it looks like we can expect to meet this new addition sometime in the summer.

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Fans took to Instagram to congratulate Nick and his family on their happy news. Congrats to the Carter family!