Man Defending Alabama Abortion Ban Accidentally Proves His Own Argument Wrong

Few topics of conversation are more heated than abortion.

While politics and climate change can sometimes feel disconnected from our everyday lives, everyone knows someone who has had an abortion.

Regardless of where your morals lay, women's reproductive health is something that affects real women every single day.

The recent Alabama abortion ban has brought the debate back into the spotlight.

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Women in Alabama will no longer be able to access safe abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.

For some, this is a moral triumph. For others, this is a devastating road block to health care access.

A LOT of people care about pregnancy apparently— especially people without a uterus.

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Imagine if people cared this much about childcare. Oh boy, the problems we would solve!

One of the most difficult aspects of the abortion argument is trying to navigate through everyone's "scientific facts".

People are not very selective when finding things to back up their opinions.

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People have a way of throwing around un-sourced statistics to back their arguments, and it makes it difficult to figure out what is real, and what's just talk.

One man on the internet tried to explain his pro-life stance using 'facts'.

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"An average of 22,000 women die a year from having an abortion," he tweeted, "Yes that is out of 800,000 that happen a year but I don't call that safe."

Another twitter user had one simple question about his argument.

Reddit | racloves

From the tone of that response, you can just tell that this person knows something that the original tweeter doesn't.

So the guy reveals his source...

Reddit | racloves

A Wiki article about unsafe abortions.

Meaning abortions that take place illegally.

Meaning abortions that are forced to take place when people don't have safe, legal access to abortion.

See what I'm getting at here?

Unsafe abortions are a direct result of abortion bans.

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The guy legitimately used a statistic that argues for the legality of abortions, to argue for them to be banned.

I'm just...I'm just BAFFLED...

People online were quick to bring other points he made into question.

Reddit | FenwayFranklin, PreOpTransCentaur

These Reddit users pointed out that he seemed to have taken the United States' number of abortions per year and combined it with the worldwide number of complications, either out of ignorance or to inflate the sense of danger.

Others had better sources.

Reddit | elchino973

Reddit user elchino973 pointed out that, despite this guy's arguments, the only opinions that really mattered were the opinions of women who might want (or not want) an abortion.

This is a unifying story.

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Regardless of your opinion on this issue, we can all agree that he did not make a smart argument. When you argue online, it's important to remember that you will be fact-checked.

He proved his own argument wrong.

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When the science isn't on your side, maybe try not to cite it in your argument.

Double check your sources folks!

h/t: Reddit