The Live-Action 'Aladdin' Corrected A Major Plot Hole From The Original

Aladdin is surprising everyone with how well it's doing.

People were really hating on it before it even dropped, but it seems like people are eating their words now!

Careful, there are spoilers ahead!

Be wary travelers!

There is actually a very important spoiler ahead for the new Aladdin!

The cartoon is a classic for a reason.


The movie is a fan favorite.

Between the awesome songs and the wonderful magic, why wouldn't it be?

But in the classic there's actually a pretty major plot hole.


This is a plot hole that has haunted not just Aladdin but any movie that tends to involve a disguise.

In the original, Aladdin asks to be Prince Ali.


Genie fulfills his wish, and all of a sudden, without explanation, Aladdin goes unrecognized.

How does Jasmine never recognize Aladdin?


Literally, all he does is wear different clothes and a hat.

Come on Jasmine, get it together.

It's easier to pull that idea off with an animated movie than a live-action one.

It's less believable that a fancy outfit would totally change what someone looks like, even to people who already knew them, when it's on a real person and not an animated one. Just look at the Superman movies!

Luckily, the live-action film has fixed that major plot hole.


In the film, Aladdin actually asks Genie how his magic works.

People have already seen him, so he is worried the disguise won't be enough.

Genie explains that when he makes him into a prince, they will only see him as a prince.


And all of a sudden, just like that, we have our plot hole fixed!

But Jasmine recognizes him eventually, right?

Right. The Genie also explains that the magic can't completely hide someone's identity —it just masks it by changing one's perception.

It's possible to see through it.

It takes a lot of figuring out on the other person's part, but if, like Jasmine, you put your mind to it, you can see through the magic and recognize the person underneath.

The story now makes perfect sense.


Thank you, Guy Ritchie! We really needed that.

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