10+ Mistakes In ‘Game Of Thrones’ That Fans Never Noticed

Jake Bean

Oh yeah, we can finally see these mistakes in this series we originally thought was perfect.

Believe it, folks, you're about to get your perceptions about Game Of Thrones thrashed. Consider yourself warned,

The Rubber Sword.


The Battle Of The... sons who didn't have legitimate parents. It was a sweet episode, right?

Well, turns out that Jon Snow was riding his horse with a flaccid sword. How embarrassing.

Tommen's Age.


This is a mistake that was about the books, and not the series.

Apparently, in the books, Tommen marries Margaery at the age of nine. Yeah... they probably couldn't show that on TV.

Sansa is a Targaryen.


A cool thing that the show does is shows which house each actor belongs too in the opening credits.

However, one time they billed Sansa as a Targaryen. And of course, we know she's not.

Melisandre's magic necklace.


So we all know that Melisandre needs her necklace to stay young but in one scene season 4, she wasn't wearing her necklace in the bath.

How was she maintaining her young look?

Shireen's brown(ish) hair.


So it's well established that Baratheons have black hair. Right?

That's Ned Starks whole basis for knowing that Gendry is Robert's son, right? Then why doesn't Shireen have brown hair?

Hair in general.


Speaking of hair, there were a couple of points throughout the seasons where the characters have inconsistent hair growth.

Obviously, it confused a whole lot of fans.

George W. Bush.


So people really like to harp on George W. Bush. That's well established. Well, the show caught a lot of flak when they put the ex-president's head on a spike on the wall of King's Landing.

Pretty sure he never got executed during the series.

Ramsay's hounds.


Remember when Ramsay Bolton use too send the hounds after everyone, like a Game Of Thrones Mr. Burns?

Well, when Brienne of Tarth comes to the rescue of Theon and Sansa, they're nowhere to be found.

Arya and the Hound's secret connection.


We love Arya and the Hound. Or, at least, I do. But, as much as we love their dynamic, there was one part that they missed.

Why did the never connect over the fact that they both hated The Mountain?

Euron Greyjoy's fleet.

So, this mistake came to the person who was a shipbuilder. Supposedly, the Iron Islands have the greatest and biggest navy (or fleet of ships) in the whole Game Of Thrones world.

But how did they do that with their lack of trees?

Take in this simple equation. Trees=Wood=Trees.

The same necklace.


So, we're lead to believe that Cersei and her daughter Myrcella are the only two people with the same necklace.

However, Joffrey gives Sansa a necklace that she says is: "just like the one your mother wears."

The Sons Of The Harpy.


We all remember that scene where Unsullied, Barristan, and Grey Worm take on the Sons of the Harpy.

In the aftermath, there's a bunch of bodies that just disappear. Where did those bodies go?

Viserys Targaryen's death.


You scientists out there are going to get a kick out of this one. Viserys Targaryen dies when he gets liquid gold poured on his head.

Well, turns out that gold melts at 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average campfire is around 700 degrees. So, how did they melt it?

The Starbucks Cup.

Game Rant

As well are all well aware of, the creators of Game Of Thrones forgot to emit a Starbucks cup from one scene in the eight Season of the hit TV Show.

Un-burnt hair.


So Daenerys steps into the fire and survives it, obviously we know that she's the Unburnt, but one question remains: why weren't those beautiful white locks charred at all?



We all know that the Mother of Dragons was totally against slavery.

My question is: who did she have to take care of her? Some really highly paid servants? Yeah, I don't think so Daenerys.

You've got mail.


In Season 3 Episode 1, as the beloved Margaery Tyrell speaks to the people after the wars in Season 2, a very familiar sound can be heard in the background — the sound of someone getting an email notification. It's weird that they'd still be using ravens once they had email.

Where is King's Landing, again?


In Season 8 Episode 4, we see our characters converging outside of King's Landing, but King's Landing looks a little different than it did the last time we saw it — it's become landlocked, and has a desert area around it rather than the water and lush foliage that it had before.

Maybe Cersei fired their gardener.

The Queen shall have as many wigs as she desires.


In the premiere episode for Season 8, Daenerys' braids do some shuffling around as Dany walks with Jon Snow. Those are some intricate braids to be doing and undoing super quick between cuts, so we should give Dany's nimble fingers some credit.