10+ Surprising Films That Are Banned For Dumb Reasons

Banned films! That's what we're talking about today folks, so get ready to close your eyes if you abide by the law.

I'm talking about you, yes you. Shut those peepers.

'The Last Temptation of Christ'.


Obviously, people were pretty upset about this depiction of the good lord.

In fact, New Orleans and Savannah, Georgia banned the film throughout theatres so that people wouldn't see it.

'Birth Control'.


This 1917 movie was banned, or at least people attempted to ban it.

Luckily for us, in the decision of Mutual Film Corporation v. Industrial Commission showed that the first amendment applied to films and that we couldn't censor them... to a degree.

'American Sniper'.


This movie, which I consider the most American movie ever created, was banned in the United States of America. Can you believe that?

Apparently, the censors believed it was "offensive" to the nation.

'Apocalypse Now'.


Remember the scene where Martin Sheen comes out of the swamp covered in mud and "The End" plays?

Sweet scene. Anyways, this film was banned for its anti-war sentiment. Believe it.



Can you guess where this film was banned? Go ahead, take a guess. Can't think of the answer?

Well, who are the "villains" of this movie? That's right, Iran. That's where it was banned.

'Beauty And The Beast'.


I know, it's hard to believe that a Disney movie of all things was banned anywhere.

But that is, in fact, the case because it was banned in Russia for its homosexual references.



This old epic was banned in China, because of its "propaganda of superstitious beliefs, namely Christianity".

And that was good old Mao Zedong who made that ban, people.



Oh yeah, you know we were going to have an obvious one on this list.

Yes, the controversial movie got banned in many Arab countries (except Lebanon) because it was deemed "too offensive".

'Brokeback Mountain'.


If you hadn't already guessed, this film was banned in Arab countries (except, of course, Lebanon #woke) because of its homosexual themes.

What's with Lebanon and being so accepting? Good for you guys.

'Christopher Robin'.


Yet another Disney movie banned in other countries.

But, believe it or not, it wasn't for this movie's homosexual undertones. It was because of the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, kind of looks like Winnie the Pooh.

'Clockwork Orange'.


For those of you who have seen this awesome Stanley Kubrick film, you might know why it was banned.

Well, it was England (or the UK) that banned this timeless movie.

'The Da Vinci Code'.


This Dan Brown novel turned into a Tom Hanks movie was banned in several Christian countries because it promoted "blasphemy".

China, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands, we're talking to you.



The best (and I mean the best) R-Rated superhero series was banned in a couple of countries.

First off it was China because it was its explicit content. Next was Uzbekistan, who found it "violated the country's societal norms".

'Shrek 2'.


This is probably the weirdest part of this article. Shrek 2 was banned in Israel because it made fun of Israeli singer David D'Or's high voice.

Once it was removed from the dub, Israeli's can finally watch the masterpiece.

'The Simpsons Movie'.


In this day and age, The Simpsons seems kind of tame. Compared to Family Guy and South Park, at least.

However, it was banned in Burma due to the "juxtaposition of the colors yellow and red". Weird.



And finally, we have this sweet display of Gerard Butler's amazing abs.

This film was banned in Iran due to its depiction of the Persian military. Psh, their loss.