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Matador Gets Speared In The Backside By Angry Bull In Dramatic Video

Can we all agree that karma exists?

Good, now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can get down to the nitty-gritty of it working its terrible magic.

Don't blame us— we're just the messengers.

So bullfighting is apparently still a thing that exists.

You know, that thing with the vibrant costumes and the red sheet and the violent killing of innocent animals as a spectator sport?

Yeah, that one.

The San Isidro bullfighting festival at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid is a yearly tradition.

Unsplash | Hans Eiskonen

The festival/competition lasts twelve whole days, and the matadors who participate are practically celebrities.

Is crowding into an arena to watch personified testosterone stab a distracted animal a little odd? Kinda, but we've all got our thing I guess.

On the twelfth day of stabmas my true love gave to me...

France 3 Occitanie

French matador Juan Leal! What a gift.

Leal was doing-the-dude-dance on the twelfth day of the festival, looking confidant, ready interact with some bulls.

Though he didn't choose the safest profession, he assumed that his experience would carry him through.

France 3 Occitanie

Contrary to popular belief, humans get hurt a lot less than bulls in bullfighting. Look at that man's hair.

Does he look like a guy who thought his hair was going to get wrecked? Heck no.

After some bull-taunting, things went south real quick.

France 3 Occitanie

The bull understandably charged at Leal, but, took the phrase "stick it to him" very literally.

Yep, he went bottoms up!

France 3 Occitanie

Allegedly, the bull's horns tore an 11-inch deep wound in Leal's backside.

You know, his backwards fanny pack.

News outlets have yet to report on the details of his recovery, but it's pretty clear that he did not win that fight.

Still want to try bullfighting? Give the video a look.

*** Video contains graphic violence***

I promise, you'll want nothing to do with the sport after witnessing the universe show this guy who's boss.

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